The 2nd Acceleration – You Won’t See It Coming

The 1st Acceleration began in the mid 1990’s when the personal computer and Internet fused to dramatically accelerate information and events.

Since then, professionals and organizations have become more and more proficient in adopting to change. However they are not prepared to survive the 2nd Acceleration.

The 2nd Acceleration is machine learning and Ai taking place behind the curtain.  You cannot begin to comprehend the degree to which you are profiled and targeted for manipulation.

What do you thing Google (Your Tube), FB, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Priceline, your bank/credit card provider, health insurance provider, and others have been doing with all that data?

Where the 1st Acceleration overwhelmed you in the workplace. The 2nd Acceleration is overwhelming you everywhere else. Seducing you into giving up Human Context for the wisdom of technology.

Human Context (creativity, imagination, skill, knowledge, and experience) secures your identity and independence. Your ability to tell technology to go fetch and then control execution of your decisions.

Are you aware of how manipulative search has become? Do you have any idea to the degree to which Google, FB, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter and others engage in censorship? Yes, only the most ignorant are not mindful of the bias in the press. However does it not bother you how aggressive and dangerous it has become?

Please step back and reignite your curiosity. Go out and spend a few bucks on a collegiate notebook and a couple of pens. Find time away from all the electronic noise and put pen to paper to collect your thoughts. Validate who you are. What you believe. Why. And if your behavior matches up.

Take back control. Dig out the information you need and do the work to reason out your own answers. Secure your identity. Validate your ability to earn the trust and support of others by improving the human condition through acts not words. Remind yourself what value creation is and where the abundance to care for those who cannot care for themselves comes from.

Developing tangible understanding for who, what, and when to trust; starting with yourself is the key to surviving the 2nd Acceleration. Placing this task on your to do list ensures your defeat. Start today, now, this minute to make sure your thoughts, judgments, and acts are the product of your free will. Do not give another breath of time to those who only seek to control and exploit you.