Tech Cancer

Deceit, Exploitation, and Manipulation. These 3 words are at the root of Tech Cancer and Facebook is the poster child.

Many have deleted their Facebook Account. My account and business pages are now gone too. Evil cannot not be condoned. Hypocrisy confirms its existence.

Tech Cancer is roiling the markets. This is a crisis in trust. The good news is better minds are hard at work building with Blockchain to replace what has been corrupted by ignorance and arrogance.

The Silver Lining – these events remind us there is nothing more valuable than Trust. Each of us should be highly motivated to make our intentions transparent so the essence of our being is protected and secured. Without Trust nothing good happens. Our Word means nothing.

Regulations holding platforms accountable for facilitating illicit transactions are a good start. Next should come regulation prohibiting the monitoring/data mining of browsing activity; and the sharing in any way, shape, or form of personal data. Privacy is under attack through deceitful means to exploit and manipulate; and must be punished.

Please note these actions are not the product of growing pains or honest mistakes. This is intentional.

Hopefully the Senate will do better with tech leaders than they did with John Corzine. Who was let off the hook by his peers citing Fog of War; to excuse his pillaging of customer accounts at MF Global. Executives at Facebook need to go to jail along with any other tech executives who have knowingly deceived to exploit and manipulate.

Events tell us it should be a long list.