Taxes And The Greater Good

The 15th fell on Sunday, making today, April 16th the deadline for filing personal returns or extensions.

Filling of our Tax Returns (and paying quarterly estimates), should trigger reflection for what we are providing financial support for and how it serves the Greater Good.

Events of the past few weeks remind us how fragile protections guaranteed under the 1st (Free Speech), 2nd (Right to Keep and Bare Arms), 4th (Right to Privacy), and 14th (Equal Protections Under the Law) Constitutional Amendments are.

When will Facebook, Google (YouTube), and Twitter be held accountable for depriving us of our 1st and 4th Amendment Rights? Citibank for impeding our 2nd Amendment Rights? The State of California for gross repression of 14th Amendment Rights?

Please note if you are not sensitive to these violations then you are well on your way to losing your identity and independence. And failing to protect those whom you care about most!

Creativity, collaboration, and innovation cannot not thrive if we are fearful of engaging in honest debate. Having our thoughts, hopes, and fears used against us. When privacy is not protected how can we be expected to engage in candid discussions leading to the truth?

The refusal by the State of California, to work with Federal law enforcement agencies, denies its citizens equal protections under the law guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.  The consequences of this egregious violation reinforces the need for and value of 2nd Amendment Rights.

Please make and keep yourself fully aware of the increasing risks to individual liberty and personal safety. Ask yourself who is contributing to the free flow of knowledge, information, thoughts, and ideas; and who is repressing them. Who is promoting honest debate and who believes they have the right to shame you into what to think for their political gain. Who seeks to empower? Who seeks to control?

Ask yourself what you believe and why? Draw straight lines to the transparency of your intentions created by the behaviors driven by your beliefs. If your curiosity is active, creative juices flowing, and efforts are attracting the trust and support of others to improve the human condition; then you are getting your money’s worth.