Stock Market Strong into 2019

There is nothing more powerful than the truth.

Over the past 30 months voters have received, whether they chose to or not, a crash course in the power and construction of trust.

The bias of the Aligned Media has been out of the closet since early 2016, and compelled voters to up their game by seeking out alternative sources. Through trial and error most have found their way to creditable information. They have secured a much more balanced perspective for cause and effect responsible for the electorate’s current state. They have learned to trust their own observations, thoughts, and experiences rather than the imagery and demagoguery spewed on the nightly news.

Voter’s curiosity and ignored intellect have been amped up. Making them much more sensitive to the consequences of illegal immigration, trade deficits, punitive tax rates, baseless EPA regulations, and voter fraud. They are wise to the political weaponization of the IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, ODNI, NSA resources, and the FISA Court. They are witnessing what responsible foreign policy accomplishes and experiencing the benefits of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. The coalition of republicans, democrats, and independents responsible for the shift from evil to good will hold the line, and likely advance it in the November mid-term elections.

Stock market strength will continue to build into 2019 as Q2 GDP of 4.1% is a warm-up band for multiple headliners to follow. The Aligned Media knows this. Obama Administration alumni and the remnants of the Democratic Party also know it. The only play left is turning up the volume on their efforts to deceive, manipulate, and exploit.  Their true intentions become more exposed with each click on the dial.

Trust constructed (promises kept) over the past 30 months has built the political capital (POWER) to deliver a legislative tsunami:

  • Comprehensive immigration reform with effective boarder security will be passed.
  • The next round of tax reform making tax cuts permanent for the middle class will be passed.
  • Accountable infrastructure will be passed.

The structure creating the abundance required to increase Medicaid funding is now in place.

Sustainable health care reform is methodically being achieved.

The Federal Reserve is quietly going through realignment to secure the best interest of U.S. Citizens and the Aligned Media remains silent for fear of exposing its complicity.

Iran is imploding (Trump has convinced Putin to stand aside) and will submit like North Korea. The EU and NATO members are falling in line.

China knows it cannot survive a trade war and Trump will provide Jinping with the opportunity to save face.

We are on the doorstep of global harmony and prosperity on a scale history has never known. This is why the market will move significantly higher. Tangible evidence – the foundation – is everywhere if you look past the hysterics of the Aligned Media. The screamers know it and can’t stand it. Ask yourself why?