South Euclid resident composes theme for Trump’s proposed U.S. Space Force

By Sun Messenger

When Matt Greminger first heard President Donald Trump speaking about forming a U.S. Space Force, he thought the idea was crazy.

Considering the matter further, Greminger thought that, yes, Trump would likely follow through with the idea and that a Space Force might well someday exist. And, if that happens, this new military branch would need an official theme song to play alongside those of the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.

“I thought, well, at some point they’ll have a song,” Greminger said. “Why not create one myself and send it to the White House? Which is exactly what I did.”

At age 27, Greminger has already lived the life of a Renaissance man. At 14, he started a recording studio business in his parents’ University Heights basement and, at 16 — immediately after graduating from high school — he entered into a lease to run the business from a storefront.

In 2011, he switched careers, beginning a photography business that first operated in South Euclid, then at Great Northern Mall.

Today, he runs a legal support company assisting law firms, courts and litigants in delivering out-of-state subpoenas and summons. He has also served on the board of the Workmen’s Circle.

Music, however, has never been completely out of Greminger’s life. A talented piano player, he can’t read music and plays by ear. Despite his musical background, Greminger admits, “I had never actually composed or scored a song from start to finish.”

For that matter, he’d also never before created sheet music, much less orchestral arrangements. That all changed, however, at the beginning of July when he decided to give a try at a Space Force theme.

“I just sat down at the piano and played for about 20 minutes and a melody came out,” he recalled. “I couldn’t believe I wrote it.”

Greminger believes that he has come up with a song that captures everything a military branch theme song should be — melodic, stirring and march-like. He did so by playing and analyzing the themes of the current five branches of service.

“My favorite is the Air Force song,” Greminger said of the tune that begins with the familiar “Off we go, into the wild blue yonder.”

“Whenever I play it, my daughter (15 months old) dances around,” he said.

The Air Force Theme was written by Robert Crawford and was the winner of a contest that included more than 700 entries held in 1939, when the Air Force was known as the Army Air Corps.

A fact that Greminger hopes is an omen for his song is that the Air Corps Theme debuted Sept. 2, 1939, at the Cleveland Air Races, as sung by Crawford.

Of course, the song Greminger would write would be for a Space Force, so it would also need an otherworldly flavor to it. Therefore, Greminger’s composition has a little of John Williams’ “Star Wars Theme” mixed in with another John Williams’ work, the “Jurassic Park Theme.”

After creating a melody, Greminger immediately had it copyrighted, then sought to give his song an appropriately orchestral sweep. For this, he went online and used a program in which he entered, note by note, nine other instrumental parts. The program allowed for the inclusion of trumpet, flute, French horn (Greminger’s favorite), clarinet, violin, cello, viola and bass.

Another app allowed Greminger to have the song he wrote committed to sheet music.

Greminger has created both an instrumental and vocal version of the song, which he sang.

His U.S. Space Force Theme, titled “Home on Planet Earth,” includes these lyrics:

“We are United States’ Space Force/ With ingenuity and drive/ We explore beyond the visible/ As we soar above the sky/ As the United States Space Force/ Protecting Earth from near and far/ Patrolling through the universe/ Bringing order to the stars/ We are bound by lady liberty/ Our devotion speaks aloud/ Like the boom our rocket boosters sound/ As we leave from earth-safe ground/ In the United States Space Force/ We bring honor with our worth/ Pray for us a safe return to home on planet Earth/ Pray for us a safe return to home on planet Earth.”

After receiving much favorable response via social media, Greminger is hopeful that his song is someday selected for the honor of serving as the official U.S. Space Force theme.

In a July 2 Facebook post, Greminger wrote, “I wrote this song as a way to try and make my mark on history.”

But, adds the father of two, there is more to his message.

“I guess I’m still young enough to be considered America’s youth, and I want to send a message to America’s youth that only in America could this happen. If you work hard and get enough support behind you, there’s no limit” he said.

Greminger sent his work to the White House on July 3 and hasn’t yet heard back. He and those who know him are hoping that he will someday get that call.

As for Greminger, he is confident that he has delivered the right song for the job. He is asking that people spread the word about his song on social media and create a buzz to help its chances for selection.

“This could actually be the song they use,” he said enthusiastically.

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