Sorting Out Drivers of Current Market Volatility

The betrayal and failed leadership in U.K. due to May’s mismanagement of Brexit, combined with populist uprising in France against Macron, have exposed the evil of the Globalist Agenda. The good people it seeks to exploit and control see Globalism for what it is and are in open revolt. EU police action against protesters will only strengthen their resolve.

U.K. and France are historically the biggest allies of the U.S. in Europe. U.S. support for Brexit, and protesters in France against unjust burdens (taxes) is to be expected and will continue. As more people take responsibility for their own freedom the world becomes more stable. Less need for U.S. intervention and high motivation for leadership to be sensitive to the desires of the working class; the value creators earning the incomes leaders are dependent upon to tax. Until the corrupt Globalist aligned media accurately reports motivation behind Brexit and French Protests market volatility will continue.

Baseless speculative reporting by the aligned media on Special Council Mueller, and Comey’s congressional testimony are adding to uncertainty. Axios and Survey Monkey polling on the Thursday prior to the Midterm election found 72% of respondents recognize the aligned media purposefully reports news they know to be fake. We should expect full declassification of DOJ Inspector General Horowitz’s Report on the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Email Investigation, and FISA; FBI 302’s in relation to these investigations; FISA Warrants; and txts between senior FBI officials to be released within the next 10 days. Declassification has been delayed by Comey, Lynch, and Huber congressional testimonies, which will conclude this week. Declassification will reveal the truth; the first step to restoring creditability to our Justice System (DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, and ODNI) and expose the aligned media as facilitators of the Globalist Agenda.

Fundamentals responsible for market strength have not changed. Tax Cut and Jobs Act, Fairer Trade, continued regulation clawback, stabilizing foreign policy, enforcement of immigration laws, and commitment to healthcare reform all remain unaffected by Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives.

All resources for growth remain in place; natural resources for energy, steel, and aluminum production; capacity utilization sits just below 79%; plenty of labor remains available to come off the sidelines as adult workforce participation rate (ages 16 – 64) is 62.9%.

Fed projecting itself as neutral for 2019, twice in the past week, will be helpful to the housing market and risk takers.

In summary, declassification will reveal the truth. Globalism will not stand. Prosperity will reign. The abundance we all desire, to care and protect for those who cannot care and protect themselves will be created as individual and property rights are protected and enforced. The death of Globalism guarantees it.