Sorting Out Decentralization in Europe and Declassification in the U.S.

EU Parliamentary Elections confirm the shift away from Globalism to Nationalism and Populism is well beyond the tipping point and accelerating. Centralized power in Brussels, will be rapidly diluted as member Nations demand control over their boarders and the freedom to make independent trade agreements.

Declassification in the U.S. means the conspiracy to remove a sitting President, with fabricated charges of collusion will be fully exposed. The conspirators and members of the Aligned Media assisting them will be arrested, prosecuted, sentenced, imprisoned, and some (maybe many) executed.  Most will be charged with Treason and tried in a Military Court.

Decentralization in Europe and declassification in the U.S. will restore high transparency compelling intelligent risk. Both technical and fundamental foundations are in place to support it. Intelligent risk drives sustainable growth. My expectation is after the 4th of July Weekend markets will begin an extension higher through the end of the year. The electorate in Europe, the U.S., Australia, and South America will no longer tolerate elected officials, bureaucrats, and media colluding against the Will of the People.

Do not be confused by the protests of the traitors who served at the highest levels of government, or manipulated the public trust as an elected official. They know this is the end; and so do their accomplices in the Aligned Media. This is what desperation looks like; and the courage of the righteous has brought it forth.

Pilgrims, immigrants, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and all who have paid the bill for Freedom are shedding tears of sorrow that what they dreamed and sacrificed for came so close to failing. And tears of joy that the Ship of Liberty is being righted, and for a future based on the Absolute Truth of equal protection and justice under the law.