Social Media Influencers in Race to Bottom

Netflix drop was the beginning.

Facebook’s drop is the accelerant.

Google and Twitter will join them in a race to the bottom; reminiscent of Lehman, Merrill, and AIG.

Unlike the 2008, housing market collapse; triggered by non-enforcement of mortgage lending standards (both the Clinton and Bush 43 Administrations), and legislated Sarbanes Oxley, “Marked to Market Rules.” The political bias/allegiance of Social Media Influencer executives’, resulting in policies betraying the Public Trust, will be 100% responsible for cratering their stock prices.

Please remember the difference between Capitalized Value (shares outstanding and stock price) and Book Value (assets less liabilities) represents the monetization of Trust. Once the broader public realizes the extent of Social Media Influencer betrayal, or the first major investor blinks, look out below!

Too big to fail you say?

Blockchain built search and social media platforms are racing to market. Their architecture makes them impervious to rigging search results, shadow-banning or blocking political views not favored by the C-Suite.

Amazon and Disney might want to make transparency of non-political bias their top priority.

Shunning those who have betrayed the Public Trust, in favor of media promoting honest debate, is a powerful way to voice commitment to the Greater Good!