Sneak Peak 2019 Strategic Market Briefing

A massive disinformation campaign engineered by Globalists and executed by the Aligned Media kicked into high gear in 2016. Its objective was to cripple the U.S. and trigger conflict with Russia. This effort is hitting its crescendo in failure. The rejection of May in the U.K. and Macron in France provide powerful validation the Globalists are the ones who have been crippled.

Those who have trusted/followed their curiosity, done their own digging to gain tangible understanding for answers, and relied on their own reasoning recognize the market is underpinned for significant advancement beyond contract highs in 2019.

Examining earnings growth reveals; Q4 2017 exceeded Q3 2017 by 13%; Q1 2018 exceeded Q4 2017 by 17%; Q2 exceeded Q1 by 20%; and Q3 exceeded Q2 by 25%. FACTset projects Q4 to exceed Q3 by 13.4%. Through growth is slowing it reflects stabilization and validates recent Fed comments signaling a pause to rate hikes in 2019.

GDP for 2018, will come in above 3%. Through the Fed projects declining GDP for 2019 and 2020, examination of fundamentals absent of Fed Dogma point to growing GDP above 3%. Expansion and acceleration of benefits derived from laws and policies listed below guarantees it.

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act; fairer trade agreements; roll back of unjustified regulations; enforcement of immigration law; clear and unwavering foreign policy demanding more responsibility from allies and accountability from potential advisories; and energy independence have inspired intelligent risk driving sustainable growth. Shift from Republican to Democratic control of the House of Representatives cannot change or weaken any of these components supporting and compelling intelligent risk.

Yes Technicals alone point to a Bear Market. However, we must consider the imminent death of the Globalist disinformation campaign, their power, and the Aligned Media will restore investor confidence. Their execution will be triggered by the release of the unredacted (declassified) DOJ Inspector General Horowitz Report, first released on June 15, 2018. The Report examined the investigation of alleged Russian Collusion; and both the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Email Investigations. Unredacted FISA Warrants; FBI 302’s (interviews); and txt messages between senior FBI leadership related to the Horowitz Report will also be released. The looming Horowitz FISA Report is expected to be released unredacted (declassified) as well.  Please note contrary to Horowitz’s findings regarding the Clinton Email Investigation, Federal Judge Royce Lamberth, has ordered the investigation to be reopened.

Declassification will fortify the foundation supporting intelligent risk already in place. The truth will provide even more motivation for aggressive participation (growth) as massive corruption is exposed and its perpetrators held accountable.

The historic relevance of this moment cannot be overstated. The transparency about to be created will sling-shot value creation in ways not imagined. Sustainable growth and global harmony will be achieved on a scale the world has never experienced before.

A New Age of Enlightenment is in its infancy.