What the Smart Money Is Waiting For

Investors and traders who maintained their objectivity have developed high awareness for Political Projection: accusing the opposition of precisely what has been done by the accuser.

While the accuser charges the opposition of suppressing the vote; weaponizing of the IRS, by the accuser, to stop and criminalize the political organizing of opposing views is proven.

The accuser charges collusion with a foreign government and obstruction of investigation (Justice) for collusion; only to have the DOJ Inspector General expose the accuser’s conspiracy to block discovery of actual collusion by the accuser (Uranium 1; Pay for Play between State Department and Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative); and Obstruction of Justice / Prosecution of Hillary Clinton for destruction of evidence under subpoena and Treason for knowingly compromising National Security; and conspiracy charges for CIA, ODNI,DOJ, FBI, IRS, and other Obama Administration officials for undermining a Candidate for President and then the Presidency.

The Smart Money knows that these investigations are now complete. Conducted by the original architects of the NSA data collection (phone, email, txt) infrastructure, and pioneers (the very best) in Meta data mining and analysis. Irrefutable evidence is the foundation of 1000’s of indictments that are now being acted upon (see Raniere; Mack – NEXIVM).

Note internal documents and supporting communications only make the evidence that much more damning.

The more the public learns, the more Political Projection is validated. ANTIFA is not resisting fascism; it is fascism.  Joy Reid is not forward thinking and accepting. She is small minded and hateful. Conservative Blacks are accused of being Uncle Toms, when they are courageously exposing the continued exploitation of Blacks by those claiming to be their champions.

Smart Money knows the aligned media are the enablers of Political Projection, along with academia and Hollywood. Smart Money knows Crowd Sourced Open Investigation is exposing it all ahead of what will be disclosed in the Inspector General’s Report.

Smart Money is waiting to see how swiftly Justice will be served.