Smart Money Pays Attention to Behavior Not Words

The disconnection between positive market behavior ES up; Gold, Oil, and 10 Yr. Note down since the Helsinki Summit Press Conference; while reporting and comments by pundits and elected officials overwhelmingly inferred the President acted against the best interests of the United States, requires reconciliation.

Let’s consider the Big Picture. In addition to positive market reaction (fear, negative reaction would have taken Oil, Gold, and 10 Yr. Note higher and driven the stock market lower) NATO Allies voiced no objections to President Trump’s demands to bring funding for NATO current.  And his objections to Germany becoming dependent on Russian energy (Nordstream 2 Pipeline) show resolve against, not appeasement for Putin. Trump’s Brexit comments also reflected the sentiment of the U.K. majority.

Bluntness of Trump’s words makes his intentions, expectations, and assessment of U.S. Law Enforcement and Intelligence effectiveness clear, rings true, and is appreciated by investors and foreign leaders. Could it be that those objecting and projecting extreme consequences fear their own behavior will be examined?

Why didn’t Brennan, Clapper, Muller, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, the Aligned Media, and Beltway Pundits demand an audit of Haiti donations received versus dollars paid out by the Clinton Foundation? Isn’t a past President using fraud to profit off the tragedy and hardship of a 3rd World Nation a crime? Don’t the ODNI, CIA, DOJ, and FBI have the capacity to add and subtract? Don’t they have the resources to follow the money? Are elite journalists incapable of filing FOIA requests and reporting until they are satisfied?

Could it be that John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey, Loretta Lynch fear being exposed for their ineptitude or collective acquiescence to Putin by their inaction on known election interference? Why did Obama order cyber security resources, aware of Russia’s efforts, to stand down? The F.B.I.’s failure to take physical control of the DNC and Clinton servers for examination is appalling by any standard of professionalism.  Why is it that the Aligned Media did not point out this glaring failure in investigative protocols? Since when is destroying evidence under subpoena not a significant criminal act?

Why didn’t Muller, Brennan, and Clapper object to Clinton, Holder, and Obama when they approved the sale of Uranium One? Why was the Aligned Media silent as control over 20% of U.S. Uranium resources was secured by Putin (Russia)? Are the journalists outraged by Helsinki that incompetent?

Why didn’t Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Powers, and Rice object to Obama’s deal with Iran that was so bad it could not be brought before the Senate for approval?  Where was the Aligned Media to question this betrayl? Where was the outrage by the Beltway Pundits as billions of $ in cash was given to the biggest funder of terrorist organizations? Why was the funding of those actively killing U.S. military personnel not called Treason?

Where were Brennan, Clapper, the Aligned Media, Schumer, and Pelosi when Obama, Clinton, and Kerry bungled their way through Libya and Syria? Where were Brennan and Clapper in sniffing out the formation and strengthening of ISIS? Where was the outrage from Schumer, Pelosi, and the Beltway Pundits objecting so loudly now? Once again where was the Aligned Media?

The Smart Money sees the behavior of the President and his Administration making the U.S. stronger at home and abroad. Blunt communications ring true while hysteria of those who fear exposure is ignored.