SLS and ALNA Have The Potential To Fly, LFIN “Bye-Bye”?

Prosper Trading Academy’s Penny & Cannabis Stocks instructor, Charles Moon, help us navigate these three stocks in today’s active trade:

These three names are a must for your watchlist this week. Starting with SLS. The stock has made some wild moves this week and the sentiment is fairly bullish coming of Phase 2 trial news for their breast cancer treatment. The short-term price target given was $11 per share but has the potential to fly way past that price if buyers continue to pile on and decide to hold longer term. ALNA is moving today as Roth Capital gave a “Buy” rating and a $61 per share PT!!! The craziest name could be LFIN aka the Crypto Pump and Dump. This stock has plummeted since they were booted from the Russell 2000 Index. I would only be looking for short term, short covering rallies to scalp. LFIN IS NOT DESIGNED FOR A LONG-TERM PLAY.