SIS Distribution Thailand – World Class Benchmarking


Company: SIS Distribution Thailand Public Company Limited

Bloomberg ticker: SIS TB

Market cap: US$200m

Background: Thailand-based, distributes information technology products. Targets customers within the oil and gas industry Distributes products from manufacturers like, Acer, Apple, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Asus, Gateway. Supplies foreign factories as well as and upstream petrochemical refineries, emission and waste management, and provides services for designing of the manufacturing processes. Four main business segments: Commercial products, consumer products, value-added products, and phonesSiS Venture Co., Ltd. invests in related businesses, Qool Distribution (Thailand) Co., Ltd. distributes smart phones.



  • Profitable Growth rank of 4 was up compared to the prior period’s rank of 5
  • This was above-average compared to 1,040 medium Info Tech companies worldwide
  • Profitability rank of 4 was worse than its Growth rank of 2
  • Its rank of 4 was up compared to the prior period’s rank of 5
  • Growth rank of 2 was up compared to the prior period’s rank of 4
  • This was World Class performance compared to its peers

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