‘Shark Tank for Kids’ seeks applicants

By The New Orleans Advocate

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy-Northshore seeks dedicated students from St. Tammany and Tangipahoa parishes to take part in business development and entrepreneurship classes beginning in October.

This will be the fourth year the academy has offered the classes, which are open to students ages 12-18 and in the sixth through 12th grades.

Director Rick Danielson said the program is essentially “Shark Tank for Kids,” meaning students will come up with a business or product idea and follow it through to funding.

Danielson said the classes are broken into two phases: Big Idea and Launch.

Phase 1 of the program asks participants to work individually or in a team to develop a product or a business idea. They then are taught how to build a business plan, which they later present to an investor panel for funding.

During the initial phase, students will learn the intricacies of business, good business practices and how to dress for success. Guest speakers meet with students to share their stories of success and failure as well.

“Students are taught many different aspects of business, like why things cost what they do,” Danielson said. “We show them what goes into a product, so when they pick up a can of Coca-Cola, they know why it costs $2.”

Phase 2 involves real investors awarding the individuals or teams real money to develop their products and businesses.

“It is incredible watching students walk in and seeing how they evolve from day one,” Danielson said.

Students must apply for the classes, submit a letter of recommendation and write an essay explaining why he or she is applying. Applications and more information can be requested by calling Heather Poole at (985) 974-1869.

Students will be notified in September if they have been chosen for the program. Classes will be held each Monday from October through May at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.

This article provided by NewsEdge.