Senegal’s gold exports rebound in March

APA – Dakar (Senegal) Senegal’s crude gold exports have been up again at the end of March 2018, after a fall of CFA4.177 billion ($6.265 million) the previous month, according data collected from gold companies by the National Agency of Statistics and Population (ANSD) suggests.

The exports in question amounted to CFA24.620 billion against CFA21.109 billion in March 2017, representing a 16.6 percent improvement (CFA1 = US$0.0015).

On a monthly basis, the increase is more important, standing at 41.6 percent, with gross gold exports rising from CFA21.570 billion in February 2018 to CFA24.620 billion a month later.

As for titanium (a light-weight, resistant, metallic-white, corrosion-resistant metal), exports dropped by 36.4 percent year-on-year (down from 99.1 percent in the previous month), from CFA3,879 billion in March 2017 to CFA2,468 billion a year later.

However, on a month-on-month basis, there was a strong increase of CFA2,433 billion.

Exports of the metal jumped from CFA34.2 million in February 2018 to CFA2.468 billion in March this year.


This article provided by NewsEdge.