Santa Fe High School shooting victim praised as hero for blocking door to stop gunman from killing others

One of the Santa Fe High School shooting victims is being called a hero for protecting other students from a madman who sprayed bullets during class Friday.

Christian Garcia was holding the door shut in the art area so his classmates could escape the rampage, his family’s pastor, Keenan Smith, told KHOU.

Garcia, 15, was killed when the gunman shot through the door, striking him and others. Other students who survived the attack managed to escape through a back corridor, he said.

Smith recalled baptizing the teen in 2013 and watched him grow in the church. Garcia and his family recently moved to Santa Fe from Crosby, Tex. so they could build a new home.

Jai Gillard, Garcia’s 14-year-old friend, told The Associated Press that she, Garcia and other students hid in a closet during the shooting.

Garcia — who wanted to join the Army — used his body to “barricade” the door to prevent the shooter from barging into the room.

Victim Christopher Stone, 17, also tried to block a door to protect his classmates from the shooter.

“When the kid couldn’t get in, he shot through the door, and that was it for my brother,” his older sister, Angelica Stone, previously told the Daily News.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the alleged 17-year-old shooter, was charged with killing 10 students and teachers Friday.

A moment of silence was held at the high school for the victims Monday.

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