Righting Wrongs

Politicians are a lot like drug companies promising a pill that will make you feel better.  They never cure you. Instead they delay and mask the inevitable. If they did cure, then they would be out of a job. Politicians gain and strengthen their power by making sure we are always sick (Global Warming Hoax, Gender Confusion).

Let’s not forget, ‘if it bleeds, it leads.” The media also gains and holds power by writing about disease and suffering; conflict and violence. Not healing and good works. They need a bad guy or evil woman to prosper.

Politicians and the Aligned Media hate Trump because he is curing the patient. Cures bring stability and prosperity. They also empower voters to be independent. Independent voters cannot be manipulated. This is what career politicians in D.C., big cities, and states fear most.

By curing trade, Trump is creating jobs and financial independence. By working hard to cure immigration he is securing jobs, higher wages, and even greater independence. The annual U.S. trade deficit sits around $600 B. Cutting this deficit in half would increase GDP by more than $1 T and sling shot growth needed to rejuvenate communities, cities, and lift states out of deep debt.  Trump’s policies delivered an unexpected windfall of over $1B for the State of Illinois in April.

By demanding greater responsibility from allies (NATO funding) and greater accountability from adversaries (North Korea, Iran, and Russia) Trump is curing foreign policy by sharply defining the Mission for military commanders; and message to foreign leaders (stability and security). Trump’s cure has also put an end to deceptive and exploitive attempts by withdrawing from TPP and the Paris Accord.

Vouchers allowing parents to choose where to send their children to school creates competition, and is Trump’s cure for education. Without competition there is no accountability for administrators and educators. The most recent results from testing of 15-year-olds by the Programme for International Student Assessment published in 2017,  ranks the U.S. 38th out of 71 countries in math, 24th in science, and 24th in reading. By any measure this is an embarrassing and collective failure of administrators, educators, and the elected officials responsible for their oversight. Take the time to compare the rise of teacher union power to the decline of classroom performance. If the press and politicians are looking for something that will provide them with creditable outrage they need not look any further than public education.

Competition is also the cure for healthcare. Removing regulatory protections securing inflated pricing for drug manufacturers and health insurance companies is a good start. Mandating holistic remedies be presented side by side with AMA treatment protocols will secure reform. Imagine how much the cost of health insurance would drop, and how much better your health would be, if you opted for holistic practices curing you, instead of AMA treatments destroying your immune system.

Here are the Cliff Notes for the last 4 years:

  • Trump, with zero time spent serving in elected office, defeated an all-star field of Republican Presidential hopefuls by effectively communicating the truth on immigration, trade, foreign policy, healthcare, education, the VA, and military status.
  • Trump defeated the heavily favored Democratic candidate by doing the same thing.
  • By keeping his promises Trump has delivered the strongest U.S. economy since post WW2.
  • Trump accomplished all of this despite political opponents, with the aid of the Aligned Media, working feverishly to destroy him by weaponizing government agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ, ODNI, and the State Department) to frame him for collusion, and launching one smear campaign after another.

Trump knows the best CURE is the TRUTH. His political enemies and their enablers in the media are drowning in it. We may disagree with his methods, however we cannot deny his effectiveness; and we should all be thankful for it. Especially his war on pedophiles and human trafficking; and his leadership protecting the innocent and defenseless in the womb from unspeakable acts.