Restructuring of the Information Transaction

Trust cannot exist without the Truth.

The Information Transaction is Truth in return for audience.

The Aligned Media is being dismantled by viewers shifting identity association from political affiliation to independence. Seeking to be defined by their ability to engage in thoughtful/honest debate; and make informed (independent) decisions instead of ones based in political bias. For example, candidate x is most qualified because they solved problem y by doing z. Then drawing straight lines from actions to outcome. Transparency leaves no doubt.

Success of post news/information transaction restructuring providers will be determined by objectivity; and validated by transparency of programming. As the efforts of Internet giants Google (YouTube), Facebook, and Twitter to deceive, manipulate, and exploit are better understood they will be replaced by platforms built upon technology securing transparency.  Start doing your investment research now!

With Inspector General Horowitz scheduled to appear before Congress next Tuesday, look for his Report to be released late this afternoon.  Will it reveal fair and appropriate investigation or validate speculation of conspiracy and criminal conduct? Given shifting explanations and timelines for actions taken by the heads of the CIA, ODNI, DOJ, and FBI; the odds for conspiracy are increasing drastically.  What do you think will happen if the Aligned Network/Broadcast/Print Media had it wrong from the beginning?

Should conspiracy and criminal conduct be reported the Aligned Media will be forced to 1) claim Obama Administration officials deceived them then 2) report on how the same officials conspired to make it happen. Ouch! If conspiracy is reported then could coordinated actions of this magnitude taken place without the knowledge of President Obama and Candidate Clinton?

We are witnesses to the most transformative time in modern history as technology is used to secure transparency instead of power. Think about what the future holds as honest debate replaces political bias, while indictments, prosecutions, verdicts, and incarceration restore trust in unbiased application of the law.