Responsibilities – Frustrations – Solutions

Yesterday Axios/Survey Monkey reported, “72% say traditional outlets ‘report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading’.” The good news is transparency for the deceptive, manipulative, and exploitive conduct of the Aligned Media is now mainstream. The bad news is frustration still remains high for their inexcusable behavior.

Successful investors maintain rational perspective by taking responsibility for everything they do, especially the information they rely on. They minimize frustration by making a habit out of knowing who, what, and when to trust. The Aligned Media has destroyed itself by committing to a narrative void of objectivity. Successful investors and responsible people recognized this betrayal long ago.

Does the news/information sources you rely on foster, engage in, and respect honest debate? Or do they promote a narrative blocking efforts to protect those who are doing the work from those who are not?

Journalists who fail to deliver objective reporting are responsible for frustrating value creators. Transparency removes frustration by developing certainty, confidence, and commitment for and to the task at hand. It generates the energy to work the problem and see it through. Objectivity is the foundation of transparency.

The more responsible we are for seeking out objective news/information sources the less frustrated we will be. Knowledge will transfer and information flow much more effectively. Performance improves as we keep finding our way to better information, analyzing it faster, and making more out of it.

The objectivity of news/information sources requires frequent assessment to ensure we continue to do the work that matters most and are prepared to do it best.