Red Wave of Truth

Think about how you feel when you are lied to. The sense of betrayal and anger you experience.

Think about how disgust intensifies as you gain awareness for how it impacts the behavior and lives of others.

Think about how you distance yourself from those who have lied and the effort you make to protect others by warning them.

Think about how anger and resentment motivate you to right the wrong inflicted by lies and betrayal.

Think about how much more you question and how much more aware you become.

Think about how much more sensitive you are to the accuracy / foundation of your own representations.

Think about how your decision-making improves as awareness expands and sensitivity for your actions intensifies. You gain more tangible understanding for what you hold yourself accountable to, why, and how.

Love him or hate him, President Trump defeated the strongest primary field in history. Despite zero political experience. He did it by forcefully communicating the truth about immigration, the economy, trade, foreign policy, taxes, healthcare, military, veterans, and education. He was outspent by his opponent and smeared by the Aligned Media. However he won the general election for the same reasons he won the primary. He told the truth.

President Trump’s time in office has been spent doing exactly what he said he would do. He has been true to his word. Making his commitment to placing and keeping the best interest of Americans first; highly transparent.

Love him or hate him, President Trump has earned the trust of the voter. That is why the mid-term elections will be a Red Wave powered by the truth to provide him with support. People vote for who they trust. In the end love or hate has nothing to do with it. Maybe someday the Aligned Media will learn this lesson.