Radinovich has always supported mining

By Phill Drobnick | US Olympic Curing Coach Eveleth

I listened to Joe Radinovich on KBJR Wednesday night discuss his views on mining, and I continue to be impressed by his clear vision for the future of mining in our region. As someone who grew up in Eveleth, had a father that worked in the mine, and knows countless people connected to mining, it was important for me to understand Joe’s views on mining before I gave him my support back in March.

Joe is descended from generations of miners, and he has mining in his blood. Joe won the contested DFL primary in part because he had the most impressive position on advancing mining jobs in our region, but Joe also gets the issues families in our communities face – from improving healthcare, to creating more good jobs, to investing in critical infrastructure and protecting Social Security and Medicare. Not only does Joe support mining but he supports the union workers that make mining possible. He has stood by them to ensure they get a fair contract and believes these workers deserve better. It is time for the corporations to start sharing the profits.

Joe has been clear about his support for both taconite and new precious metals mining on the Range. Joe’s been clear to me in both public and private settings about his support for the PolyMet project. Joe’s support for our mining industry is critical, but his ability to ask the tough questions of these major corporations as they seek to pull our wealth from the ground is also important. It’s the reason I think Joe is the best choice to be our next Iron Range Congressman.

Joe has been clear in his position– any project that meets or exceeds the standards we put in place (like PolyMet) should move forward and receive regulatory approval from state and federal agencies. We must continue to ensure integrity in our regulatory process so that every Minnesotan can have faith in the decisions made by these agencies working to expand economic opportunity in our region. We don’t need politics injected into the regulatory process. Joe gets that, wants to get these projects done the right way, and that’s why I support him.

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