Questions from Fly-Over Country

Can we agree that regardless of party affiliation we need to know the truth about both then Candidate Trump and Candidate Clinton’s behavior before the November midterm elections?

What we know:

  • DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has said most recently as Friday July 13, “no Americans were involved with Russian hacking.”
  • None of the charges brought by Mueller against Manafort are for Collusion.
    • Tony Podesta, having committed some of the same crimes as Manafort (failure to file as an agent of a foreign government) is recommended for immunity by Muller to testify against Manfort.
      • Tony Podesta’s brother John was Hillary Clinton’s top advisor.
    • Mueller has not produced any evidence against the original Russian entities charged in February; Internet Research Agency LLC, Concord Management and Consulting LLC, Concord Catering, and multiple Russian individuals
      • Mueller has not translated any of alleged evidence from Russian to English.
    • James Comey was derelict in duty when he failed to forward FBI investigation findings on Clinton handling of Classified Information and destruction of evidence under subpoena to the DOJ for decision on prosecution.
      • Comey was also derelict in failing to secure evidence (electronic devices), and allowing the FBI to rely on 3rd Party (Crowd Strike) investigation of its own client (Hillary Clinton).
      • Comey wrote and modified an exoneration memo months before material components of the investigation were conducted.
    • Secret Service arranged the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at Phoenix Airport.
      • Loretta Lynch agreed to meet with the husband of the target of an on-going investigation knowing its outcome (the investigation) would have a material impact on the 2016 election.
    • FBI Agent Strozk was in charge of both the investigation into Hillary Clinton for illegal transfer of Classified Information and destruction of evidence under subpoena; and President Trump for Collusion.
      • Strozk’s txts showed desire for Clinton to win and he confirmed same under testimony.
      • Strozk’s txts stated that he would stop Candidate Trump.
      • Multiple investigative protocols were broken during investigation of Clinton:
        • Interview not under oath.
        • Interview not recorded.
        • Evidence not secured.
        • Immunity given to Cheryl Mills and others in return for no prosecutorial value.
      • Intelligence was manufactured to justify electronic and human surveillance of Trump Campaign.
        • Payments to Fusion GPS for manufactured intelligence have been traced back to the Clinton Campaign through the Perkins-Cole Law Firm.

What we don’t know.

  • If or why not the following individuals are being investigated for collusion to manufacture intelligence to justify human and electronic surveillance of the Trump Campaign:
    • Hillary Clinton – Contracted Perkins-Cole
    • Glen Simpson of Fusion GPS (contracted by Perkins-Cole)
    • Christopher Steel (contracted by Fusion GPS)
    • Loretta Lynch (as AG responsible for oversight of FBI and why she agreed to meet with Bill Clinton)
    • Perkins-Cole (contracted by Hillary Clinton)
    • John Brennan (CIA Director outspoken in his comments about President Trump’s conduct regarding Russia – why did he not inform the Trump Campaign of concerns for Russia Spies?)
    • James Clapper (DNI and outspoken in his comments about President Trump’s conduct regarding Russia – why did he not inform the Trump Campaign of concerns for Russia Spies?)
    • Sally Yates (Deputy AG to Loretta Lynch)
    • Lisa Page (FBI Attorney engaged in biased texting with Agent Strozk)
    • Susan Rice (Source of unmasking requests facilitating spying on Trump Campaign and communicating stand down order to cyber security efforts regarding Russia hacking.)
    • James Comey (FBI Director while all these events were occurring; and why he did not inform the Trump Campaign of concerns for Russia Spies?)
    • Samantha Powers (Obama’s Ambassador to the U. N. and whose named in requesting the unmasking of 200+ individuals – Ms. Powers denies she made such requests)
    • John Podesta (Executive responsible for Clinton Campaign activities – comments suggesting violence in his personal emails against ‘leakers’; possible link to death of Seth Rich).
    • Peter Strozk (FBI Agent in-charge of both Clinton and Trump Investigations and author of txts showing desire for Clinton to win and to stop Trump)
    • Valarie Jarret (Obama confidant)
    • Barack Obama (President at time of events and ordered stand down of cyber intelligence monitoring of Russian election interference efforts)
    • Stefan A Halper – FBI human resource spying / entrapping Trump Campaign personnel.
    • Bruce Ohr (career prosecutor at DOJ involved with FISA Warrant applications – husband of Nellie Ohr)
    • Nellie Ohr (wife of Bruce Ohr and Fusion GPS Employee involved with Steel Dossier).
    • Andrew McCabe (appointed Strozk to both Clinton and Trump investigations).

To summarize; why wasn’t the Trump Campaign warned of potential for Russian Spies? And why the disparity between efforts put forth by Mueller’s investigation into Russia (Trump) and Comey’s investigation into Clinton?