Proud not to be a Democrat

By Staff Writer

The actions of the Democrats on the Kavanaugh nomination, hearing, and confirmation have made me Proud Not to be a Democrat.

I was reared in a diehard Democrat family that would vote for anyone with a (D) beside their name. In my early ’20s I started voting for the person, not the party and finally changed my registration to Independent.

Some of the Democrats had announced they would oppose the president’s nomination before they knew who he/she would be.

Then they proceeded to “pronounce” Kavanaugh guilty as charged without proof of the allegations brought by Dr. Ford and others. They forgot innocent until proven guilty and proceeded to say the accusers have to be believed for something that happened many years ago. Where were all these people hiding when allegations against Bill Clinton were made by Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky?

Where were all the Democrats hiding when Mary Jo Kopechne was needing help? Oh, several were at the Kennedy party with the other five young females.

John Farrar (captain of the Fire Rescue unit) who retrieved the body testified that Kopechne’s body looked as if she was holding herself up to get a last breath of air. He further testified that had he received the call quickly, there was a strong possibility that she would have survived. To me this is much worse than the Clinton allegations because at least Juanita, Paula, Gennifer and Monica lived to tell their story even though they were not treated in the manner in which the Democrats/liberals now say ALL accusations should be believed.

Yes, these allegations were made many years ago, but so were the unsupported allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh. At least the Clinton allegations were made in less than 35 years from the date of the assault. WHAT HYPOCRISY!

Sen Blumenthal lectured Judge Kavanaugh stating Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. It means “False in one thing, false in everything.” Therefore, using his own statement, everything he says is apparently false since he lied several times over the years about his military service in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. He received five military deferments and eventually served in the U.S. Marine Corp Reserve, but did not deploy to Vietnam. The New York Times noted that Blumenthal took repeated steps to avoid going to Vietnam. Maybe he should look at his own lack of integrity before lecturing others.

Another lying leader of the Democrats, Harry Reid, seemed very proud that he lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes. When asked about continuing to defend a totally false statement, his response was “Romney didn’t win did he?”

More hypocrisy from the Democrats is evident in the New York Times article concerning the failure to allow the nomination of Merrick Garland to go forward. The Times article reported, “But in a speech on the Senate floor in June 1992, Mr. Biden, then the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said there should be a different standard for a Supreme Court vacancy ‘that would occur in the full throes of an election year.'” The president should follow the example of “a majority of his predecessors” and delay naming a replacement, Mr. Biden said. “If he goes forward before then, the Senate should wait to consider the nomination.” Sen. McConnell just followed Mr. Biden’s statement in the Judge Garland issue.

Maxine Waters is another example of the wonderful Democratic leadership calling on her supporters, according to CNN, “to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration.” Later on MSNBC she said, “The people are going to turn on them. They’re going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they’re going to tell the president, ‘No, I can’t hang with you.'” How many Republican leaders told their supporters to harass and confront Obama supporters and his administration? It is terrible when people cannot enjoy being out for dinner, entertainment, etc., without being harassed by our disgusting Democrat supporters.

Sen. Hirono said that “Collins’ doubts of Kavanaugh accuser Ford’s claims ‘insulting.'” How much work did she do in evaluating Dr. Ford? Is she holding Judge Kavanaugh’s stance on Native Hawaiians during his work in the Bush administration against him? My guess is that Sen. Collins and her staff far surpassed the efforts of Sen. Hirano and her staff to fairly evaluate the case.

Cory Booker is another of the Democrat hot heads telling his supporters to “Get Up In the Face of Republicans.” Apparently he wanted to be a hero by releasing emails and later saying it was his “Spartacus” moment. Following is a paragraph from The Washington Post about Booker’s stunt: “‘I am going to release the email about racial profiling, and I understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate,’ he said. Within the hour, Booker did just that, though it looks like the email chain was not marked confidential at the time he released it.”

Diane Feinstein sat on the Ford letter from 6 weeks to 2 months depending upon whose dates you believe, and then she and the Dems complained about not enough time for a complete FBI investigation. If she had brought it to the committee when she received it, then she would have had 6 weeks to 2 months more to investigate. Furthermore, she said Dr. Ford wanted confidentiality. There had to be a leak by the Democrats since they were the only ones to have the letter.

Sen. Feinstein was classic during the hearing in saying she had not asked her staff, but she was sure they did not leak it. She then turned to a staff member to check who said she had asked them earlier. She should also be proud of leading Dr. Ford to her lawyers who apparently never let her know the committee would come to her according to her testimony. Why did Sen. Feinstein not question Judge Kavanaugh about the Ford issue in any of her private meetings with him or in all the written questions presented to him?

Chuck Schumer insisted that all the delays were the Republican’s fault even though the Democrats held the Ford letter 6 weeks to 2 months. Schumer had said he would do everything in his power to block the confirmation.

Dick Durbin is another Democrat star. Politico reported that Democrats discussed going even further than their strategy of rapid fire disruptions. According to the report, they considered staging a mass walkout during the confirmation hearing. Politico reported the Dems came to a compromise – a disruptive and chaotic hearing. Following is information taken from the article: “Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., seemed to acknowledge the show was coordinated when asked by GOP Sen. Thom Tillis during Tuesday’s hearing to respond to reports that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., led a phone call over the holiday weekend discussing protest plans.” Durbin said “There was a phone conference yesterday,” where “many issues were raised.” Any doubt that the disruptions were planned and orchestrated by the Democrats and or their supporters?

There have been numerous reports of paid protestors. Some have said it was only the organizers that were paid, but there were three Texas doctors who reported they saw money changing hands with some of the actual protestors in the line to enter the hearing.

Sen. Collins discussed the crowdfunding effort on “60 Minutes.” She said it was an effort to “buy votes and buy positions.” Collins also said, “This is a classic quid pro quo as defined in our bribery laws. They are asking me to perform an official act and if I do not do what they want, $2 million plus is going to go to my opponent.”

Dr. Ford has had many comments and articles printed about her. National Review printed an article Oct. 1 called “Reviewing the Inconsistencies in Ford’s Testimony” based upon Rachel Mitchell’s analysis. It is too long to try to include all the details, so I will just list her headings and the number of inconsistencies she listed for each:

1. When was the party? 6 different stories

2. Where was the party? How did she get there or home? 4 points

3. How many people were at the party? 6 stories

4. Additional issues with Ford’s July 30 letter. 5 points

5. Physiological impact. 4 points

6. Fear of Flying. 5 points

7. Other difficulties with her testimony. 10 points

None of Dr. Ford’s supposed witnesses could corroborate her accusations. Her best friend, Leland Keyser, says she was pressured to modify her statement.

Dr. Ford’s ex-boyfriend said she lied about never helping anyone prepare for a polygraph. He was in a serious relationship with her for about six years and said he witnessed Dr. Ford helping Monica McLean prepare for a polygraph. He also disputed her fear of flying, her fear of small places, and her requirement for two doors.

He said she flew a lot and lived in a 500-square foot apartment with one door. He said after their breakup he took her off their shared credit card. However, he said she ended up charging an additional $600 to it which she denied until he said he was going to involve fraud protection and then she admitted it.

Yearbooks – If Judge Kavanaugh’s yearbook was so material why were Dr. Ford’s not brought to light? When people started viewing them, why did they get scrubbed from the internet? Ellyn Santiago said the 1984 yearbook was available on line at when she was writing her article but it was soon no longer available on the site. Thomas Lifson also said Ford’s yearbooks disappeared from a Google owned Blogspot.

Tim Brown did an article implying Ford’s school was certainly not for angels. One passage he took from the yearbook is “and there were always parties to celebrate any occasion. Although these parties are no doubt unforgettable, they are only a memory lapse for most, since loss of consciousness is often an integral part of the party scene.” In his US News article Sept. 29, 2018, he included a piece form the yearbook entitled “Dangerous Hallucinatory Operation of a Motor Vehicle by Christine Blasey caused a potentially Fatal Crash in High School.” The people who got to see the yearbooks of Ford before they were scrubbed paint a picture of a wild student body involving alcohol, drugs and sex. Could Ford possibly have been so drunk or drugged when attacked that she really did not know who attacked her?

There is no doubt that she has been untruthful in some of her accounts as they contradict each other. Therefore, do we apply Sen. Blumenthal’s “False in one thing, false in everything” rule to Dr. Ford?

There are bad characters in the Republican Party, but none match the Democrats. Therefore, I am PROUD NOT TO BE A DEMOCRAT!

This article provided by NewsEdge.