The Problem Traders and Investors Can’t See

As the rate of change accelerates so does the risk associated with what we don’t know we don’t know.

The biggest what we don’t know is that we don’t know just how fast we need to improve to remain relevant. Have you improved your ability to filter, process, and apply information 2X since April of 2016? Did you know you will need to double it again by April 2020? Moore’s Law demands it.

Traders and investors (as well as any professional) cannot comprehend the degree to which rapidly advancing technology is increasing the volume and speed of information; and why we are much more likely to be overwhelmed than develop the high awareness to stay ahead of the market.

For example have you been able to reconcile the ramifications of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, regulation claw back, and trade reform with the Tech Cancer? Have you been able to break it down and think it through? Has you analysis provided you with conviction to take action?

Higher education, professional development (trading educators and investment advisors), and organizational training have unintentionally repressed development of foundational behaviors causing information to be filtered, processed, and applied most effectively. When these behaviors are assimilated decisions stay ahead of real-time events. The high awareness to see and do before others is achieved by getting to the best information, analyzing it fast, and making the most out of it. Strong conviction for who, what, and when to trust is developed.

Instead of developing foundational behaviors we allow our ego to tell us we can control things that we can’t and know things that we don’t. We end up defending the Status Quo when we need to gain new perspective for how best to direct and support improvement and performance. New cognitive methods and tools are needed to secure our independence and well-being from the ever increasing risk of being overwhelmed and becoming irrelevant.

Failure to gain the understanding and knowledge to significantly speed up our ability to improve will result in hardship and loss. Just consider the consequences of being dependent upon the decisions of others because we don’t trust our own. Or even worse allowing our ego to convince us we know what we are doing when we can’t comprehend cause and effect.

My live on-line Trading School Week begins this Monday, April 9th; then again on May 7th, and June 4th. Their focus is teaching you how to develop foundational behaviors strengthening your Cognitive Power then building the Intelligence Package to target your decision making. You will take away the understanding, knowledge, tools, and support to accelerate improvement in everything you do. Full details are here