How Prepared Are You to Compete as an Investor / Trader?

How developed is your knowledge and competency?

How strong is your desire to outperform the market?

How are you earning the experience to gain access to greater opportunity?

Desire, aptitude, and commitment must be aligned if you are to compete effectively.

Before you can outperform the market you must define and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses against the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. Have you made the effort to define how to best position yourself for advantage over institutional, high frequency, and fair value traders?

Have you validated your advantage through consistent earnings month over month, quarter over quarter, year over year? Are you reinvesting earnings so you can increase leveraging of intelligent risk?

The gaps keeping you from the higher levels of performance you believe you are capable of, are filled by evaluating development and performance at both the Foundational and Functional levels.

For example:

  • Foundational Development is learning the Rules of the Road then observing how consistently they are applied by drivers.
  • Foundational Performance is applying the Rules of the Road to project a future traffic pattern.
  • Functional Development is learning how to operate the car.
  • Functional Performance is controlling the car to travel in the lane, and at the speed necessary to satisfy the traffic pattern projected

For investors and traders:

  • Foundational Development is embracing and assimilating beliefs and behaviors optimizing decision-making and execution then validating their power.
  • Foundational Performance is applying these beliefs and behaviors to achieve High Intuitive Function.
  • Functional Development is learning how to define market state, forecast price movement, craft strategy, and execute.
  • Functional Performance is applying High Intuitive Function to anticipate and validate triggers signaling market alignment with strategy; and ensure intended execution.

Please note due to the overweighting of functional instruction by higher education, professional development, and organizational training; at the expense of developing foundational behaviors responsible for High Intuitive Function, probability is high you have a significant Foundational Development Gap to fill. The good news is there are resources to help you. The better news is filling it will make you significantly better at everything you do.