Practical Trader Development

High performers gain awareness for the smallest detail and sustain the greatest effort. They are rewarded with the clarity and focus to stay ahead of price movement. This is how they consistently outperform.

Beliefs and behaviors determine how fast we identify, well we process, and effectively apply information guiding us in and out of the market. Make sure you are committed to gaining the knowledge and developing the competency to make independent trading / investing decisions. Your desire for independence will inspire and compel the effort required to achieve long-term trading success.

For example the more responsible a trader / investor is for their decisions, the more proactive their behavior will be. Proactive behavior, driven by humility, creates high probability the trader / investor will consistently achieve the awareness to outperform. Relying on 3rd party direction promotes reactive behavior repressing awareness for opportunity.

Practical trader development occurs when 3rd party instruction formally addresses both foundational and functional development. Foundational development yields the understanding, knowledge, and tools to achieve the high awareness necessary to support good decisions at the functional level – how information is perceived, comprehended, and projected.

Foundational development builds the strong self-trust to project price movement and the conviction to execute as price projection is validated. If you find yourself frustrated by lack of patience needed to wait for the market to align with your strategy and inability to consistently execute, then a Foundational Development Gap exists.

Take a step back to fill the Gap. You will secure the beliefs and behaviors to earn higher earnings; and become significantly better at everything you do as your Cognitive ability improves.