Post Election Moves

And another election is in the books. I am not going to read the press about it today because clearly whatever side of every argument around the elections that you were on, the results proved your point. Republicans and Democrats will have to work together, or not, to move the country forward until the next election. then we can vote to change the new problems we will build up for the next 2 years.

Every time I talk about politics on social media I get inflamed responses. It is the most polarizing topic out there. So luckily I don’t need to talk about it to talk about where the markets are headed, up. Every 2 years there is a pause or pullback that is associated with the uncertainty about the election results. But that is all it is uncertainty that something strange and crazy off the edge will happen. Why not wait it out to be sure?

It is early, but the overnight reaction in the markets is sending a familiar message. Ok, nothing outlandish here, back to strong earnings growth and a great economy. Onward and upward. Elections have been nothing more that speed bumps the last few cycles. As they should be. Now that this one is done lets get back to winning in the market.

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