Political And Investing Stalemate

Enough already. Any and all evidence supporting claims of collusion/obstruction by Trump or his Campaign should be made public. Any and all investigative mechanisms should be detailed to create transparency necessary to validate evidence (intent).

Smart money remains idle. Waiting for confirmation/vindication of suspicions for criminal acts weaponizing government agencies (CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, IRS) for political gain.

So far the:

  • Use of unmasking mechanisms by the Obama National Security Team to facilitate electronic surveillance of the Trump Campaign has been validated. (Susan Rice, Samantha Powers)
  • Use of a fabricated dossier paid for by DNC, to obtain a FISA Warrant facilitating electronic surveillance of Trump Campaign has been validated. (Aided by Sydney Blumenthal working through State Department – John Kerry).
  • Existence of a spy/informant/intelligence officer planted in the Trump Campaign has been validated (Halper).
  • Effort and identities of people involved to trap/set-up foreign relationships in violation of Campaign Law have been detailed and disclosed. (Halper – Clovis – Papadopoulos – Downer)
  • Fatal flaws in Muller Indictment of Russian Corp. alleged to have interfered. Naming of Concord Catering, a company that did not exist at time of alleged actions, and incorrectly identifying individuals charged as employees of Concord Management have been exposed.
  • Flynn sentencing has been cancelled by Judge due to bad faith (non-disclosure) by Muller.
  • No evidence to support claims of collusion have been put forward.
  • No evidence to support claims of obstruction have been put forward.


  • The House Intelligence Committee and a Federal Judge (T.S. Ellis III) hearing a 2nd Manfort appeal are awaiting for unredacted version of Rosenstein Memo granting investigative authority to Muller.
  • DOJ Inspector General (Michael Horowitz) Report and testimony has been delayed as new leads have extended investigation.
  • Manfort charges relate to business dealings years prior to 2016 Election.

The IG Report is expected to provide:

  • Validation of either proper or improper investigative conduct (consistent application of the Law), in destruction of evidence under Subpoena by Hillary Clinton.
  • Full disclosure (explanation) of payments made to Clinton Foundation and speaking fees paid to Bill Clinton surrounding Uranium One (Russian-Canadian mining company) approval of purchase for 20% of known U.S. Uranium deposits while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Given the market’s history of reacting violently to reporting (see Brian Ross, ABC reporter claiming falsely Trump instructed Flynn to contact Russians); and the Aligned Media’s continued behavior of inaccurate reporting (see MS-13, animals, immigrants quote distortion from last week); no prudent investor is going to commit to a position until hearsay and fact are reconciled.