PELOSI — Dear Colleague on A Call to Action: A Better Deal For Our Democracy

By Congressional Documents & Publications

A key part of our For The People agenda is to CLEAN UP CORRUPTION to make Washington work for the American people. The most recent revelations of corruption among the Trump Administration, his friends and the GOP Congress are a call to action that present an opportunity for change to happen now.

In the election of 2006, Democrats pointed out the Republicans’ pattern of corruption, cronyism and incompetence, under the frame “Drain the Swamp.” In the Majority, we acted on that promise by passing a strong ethics package. Donald Trump hijacked the name and totally betrayed the mission.

The brazen corruption, cronyism and incompetence of the Trump Administration is reflected in the conduct of House Republicans. Congressman Collins was the first Member of the House to endorse President Trump and is one of his closest allies. Now, the indictment of Congressman Collins shows that Republicans have turned the already swampy GOP Congress into a cesspool of self-enrichment, secret money and special interests. Congressman Collins revealed Republicans’ true corrupt purpose behind their GOP Tax Scam for the rich, when he admitted, “My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again.'”

This connection between money in politics and exploitation in policy is clear to the American people. House Republicans are wallowing in the swamp that they have enabled and deepened at the expense of working families everywhere.

To honor the pledge of our For The People agenda, a Democratic Majority will swiftly act to pass tougher ethics and campaign finance laws and crack down on the conduct that has poisoned the GOP Congress and the Trump Administration. We are grateful to Congressman John Sarbanes and the Democracy Reform Task Force for their leadership on A Better Deal For Our Democracy. We urge members to highlight it in events in August, as was suggested by our DPCC co-chairs on yesterday’s conference call.

In district events and on social media, we must drive home the clear contrast between the corruption of the GOP Congress and the Better Deal that Democrats are offering the American people. We must OWN AUGUST with our pledge to deliver action.

Democrats are For The People:

* Lower your health care costs and prescription drug prices;

* Increase your pay through strong economic growth by rebuilding America;

* Clean up corruption to make Washington work for you.

We will OWN AUGUST with strength, confidence and clarity, as we make our case to the American people.

Thank you for your leadership.

best regards,

/S/ Nancy

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