Papa Shaq

Papa Johns had seen a lift in recent days. After the very ugly fallout of the actual Papa John getting forced out of his own company, PZZA is finding new investors in the company. The most notable name has been Shaquille O’Neal. Shaw is actually a very savvy investor and is tied to a lot of fast food names. He is a  Five Guys and Auntie Em franchise owner and has great success with his stores. He has tons of other business ventures, but this one in PZZA could be his biggest score in the future.

Outside of the madness surrounding PZZA, the company has a strong base of customers that are loyal to the brand. If Dominos Pizza (Ticker: DPZ) has shown immense growth potential and rise in stock price, it will not be surprising to see PZZA correct itself and start moving higher. It is a pretty simple formula. Surround yourself with successful people and you will start seeing success. They have been down the path of profitability and that is what they can bring to the table. Add the brand power of Shaw, and you can see a breakout in the stock price. PZZA is doing exactly what I am taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Above is the breakout signal I called for the Momentum stocks room, and we are already seeing strong percentage gains in the stock. In JUST A DAY we are already looking to scale out a position of the signal.  Couple that with the macro markets being weak, and PZZA stock performance has screamed strength. So far, so good for our signal. The update will come soon.