Out of control media targeting the president

By The Toccoa Record

Its time to talk about facts in a way that most news organizations TV pundits, and commentators have consistently ignored.

Facts are what they are and their meaning is always obvious. By definition they are objective statements, actions or events supported by objective evidence.

To be a bit more clear they are as far as can be determined the truth about anything that can be proven by observation or logical derivation which is also based upon observable phenomena.

At present that is no longer an acceptable definition.

We are now living in an era of whatever I think is true no matter what.

No evidence is necessary; all that counts is how I feel at the moment.

In spite of this unique level of stupidity Democrats have doubled down on employing this approach to almost everything. The following is a perfect example.

Because it is the most recent event, the summit at Helsinki is a perfect place to start. Can anyone recall a response from the media that is anything like what we have been exposed to in the past few days.

A legally, according to our Constitution, elected president has been without evidence compared to murderers, traitors, genocide perpetrators, as well as the worst villains in recorded history for having the courage to meet with the leader of a country who our liberal media believes has tried to interfere with our elections.

We have heard that the meeting is equal to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Holocaust.

In the press meeting following a private talk with Putin, President Trump misspoke one word concerning the claim that the Russians tried to manipulate the presidential election.

That one word whipped up a frenzy of hate speech such as not been heard since who knows when.

We should be used to this hate speech by now but it still disgusts most of us. It is no small matter that this kind of talk from major media reporters borders on treason or at least incitement to insurrection.

This is in contrast to the behavior of Pres. Obama and his monetarily self promoting secretary of state Hillary Clinton who in a rather infantile manner attempted to reset our relations with Russia and netted a response of zero while at the same time giving Russia control of 20 percent of our uranium.

The word hypocrite does not appear to be understood by the historically unaware members of the Democratic Party.

No one doubts that Russia or perhaps more accurately her leaders have not been and still are not our ally.

We are as a nation diametrically opposed to the system of government of Russia and have been since 1917.

That, however, does not mean we cannot negotiate with them. It also means that if you believe the charge of collusion to be true there has to be evidence to back it up.

It may be true and we suspect it most certainly could be true since Russia already has a long history of conspiring to interfere with other governments.

But as to the present situation no one has offered one iota of evidence to support it.

That also applies to the special counsel investigation which has spent millions to investigate the act of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. After 18 months there is no evidence to support the charge.

But that does not appear to be a problem for Democrats since it is their sincere feeling that it must be true and that is all they need. Proof is no longer required.

At what point in our history did it become a valid legal procedure to relegate evidence to a back burner.

One of the most revealing acts in this charade is the fact that the only indictments are for 12 Russians who are conveniently not in the country.

‘Convenience’ is the appropriate word since it is not possible to try the 12 and therefore it will not be necessary to produce the evidence to back up the indictments. No trial, no need to reveal evidence. Maybe it does not exist.

After all, we all know that the FBI and the DOJ always tell the truth or at least did at one time.

Perhaps we are not being fair so we would welcome any revelation of evidence anyone has seen. All that is necessary is one fact that qualifies as a fact.

This is not the only example that could be used to make the point of baseless claims that have come from the liberal media non stop for the past 18 months.

Baseless because the majority of them are never based on clear evidence or facts. Some additional examples would be the following. ‘Trump lies’, ‘ Trump hates immigrants’,’Trump is sexist’, or how about ‘Trump is anti democratic’.

These are good examples of ignoring facts that are clearly available but not considered.

It might also be somewhat relevant to note that legally, political collusion is nowhere to be found in the criminal code of the states or any federal law. Are we funding an investigation of something that does not exist in the law?

If congress did pass a law today it would mean nothing since the Constitution forbids ex post facto laws.

Are we trying to deliberately look like idiots?

We are inclined to think that the presence of true statesmen is gone. Where are the men or women who stand for truth and honesty such as we saw in our founders?

They were not perfect but we knew what their values were and where they came from. Were they the last of their kind? We hope not for all our sakes.

We cannot afford to ignore what is taking place among the majority of major media or to ignore the absence of true statesmanship in either party.

To do so is to contribute to the ultimate destruction of our nation.

The out of control media is more committed to the removal of Pres.Trump than they are to the welfare of the nation.

They would sacrifice the good of America in exchange for a personal hatred based solely on emotion rather than knowledge obtained by investigation and clear thinking.

In other words irrefutable facts are not as important as our personal feelings.

We can only hope and pray that we have not started down a path that will end in the destruction of the greatest republic the world has ever seen.

This article provided by NewsEdge.