Openly Gay Lieutenant Governor Candidate Pledges to Abolish Property Taxes, Legalize Pot and Prostitution

SAN ANGELO, TX – The Texas Libertarian Party’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor was in San Angelo visiting with potential voters Thursday evening.

Kerry McKennon is from Petersburg, outside of Lubbock. He was campaigning at Knosh Restaurant in downtown San Angelo Thursday.

On the issues, McKennon says he wants to abolish property tax and legalize marijuana and prostitution. McKennon says, “If you have to pay taxes on property that you own, then you really do not truly own this property: you’re really just paying rent to the government. Sharply rising property taxes have decreased Texans’ quality of life, and are increasingly assessed unfairly and by arbitrary standards.”

McKennon did not present a plan to replace the revenue that property tax currently generates.

McKennon says Texas should legalize marijuana. “No one should ever go to jail or be sentenced to prison over a plant. Individuals have the right to voluntarily self-medicate as they see fit. The modern consensus is out for cannabis and I believe the data now speaks for itself.”

McKennon is openly gay and says prostitution should be legalized. “Sex work is work. We cannot possibly hope to legislate what someone does with their own body – even if we disagree with their choices – nor should we wish to. The present illegality of sex work has created an underground market that only propagates human trafficking and other hazards for sex workers. It is time to end prohibition on the world’s oldest profession in Texas.”

McKennon faces incumbent Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Democrat Mike Collier in the November general election. Democrat Mike Collier was stumping in San Angelo in May. The incumbent, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, has not visited San Angelo this campaign season. Election Day is Nov. 6.

This article provided by NewsEdge.