OP-ED Making America great again, one election at a time

Last Tuesday, we went to the polls. Well, at least some of us did. Slightly less than 22 percent of the registered voters in Washington County showed up to determine who would represent their respective political parties this fall in the general election.

Without getting into individual races, it was pretty easy to differentiate the parties. The Republican candidates talked about reducing taxes, eliminating regulations, helping businesses grow, bringing jobs to the area, growing the economy, fiscal responsibility, defending the Constitution and preserving American values. Old-time Democrats talked about making the wealthy “pay their fair share of taxes,” increasing government regulation of almost everything that can be regulated, increasing taxes to pay for ever-increasing social programs, sanctuary cities, open borders, a cornucopia of social issues, repealing the Second Amendment and generally hating President Trump.

An interesting third voice was heard. This was the voice of “new Democrats,” tired of the leftward drift of their party and much more in tune with what Republicans were saying about jobs, the economy and growing business.

In Washington County, the Republican Party nominated an exciting group of young, conservative candidates who reflect the values previously stated, candidates who will bring jobs and business to this area. Candidates who will represent their party and their constituents well. The old-time Democrats nominated a couple Socialists in Pittsburgh and predictable leftists elsewhere. If elected, these folks will raise taxes, drive jobs out of the area and generally undo what has been accomplished by the president. Seems to present a pretty clear choice. It also appears that many of the “new Democrats” may be more comfortable with the Republican candidates than with the Democrat nominees.

Recent polls show that the nation, under Trump, has hit an 11-year high of 57 percent on the optimism index – people who think the country is headed in the right direction. The poll, incidentally, included Democrats. The president’s job approval rating has been around 50 percent. What is amazing about these numbers is the steady drumbeat of negative media coverage. Despite this, people seem to have learned to focus on what means something to them: the economy, jobs and their security. These are the things they see and touch and impact them personally.

What they see and appreciate is a president who is strong, tough and resolute and who has the interest of the American people at heart. They know this because everything he does is working toward improving the economy, creating jobs, strengthening America and improving our competitive position in the world. While there are many who don’t agree with specific measures, overall it is working. Our economy is in great shape, the stock markets are at all-time highs, unemployment is at 3.9 percent, companies are paying bonuses and pay increases averaged 3 percent. Illegal immigration has been reduced and trade agreements are being renegotiated to terms more favorable to the U.S. Recently, the president brought home several hostages from North Korea and is setting up a summit with North Korea to reduce the nuclear threat from that nation. In April, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the federal budget surplus, the difference between what it took in and what it spent, was $190 billion. That’s the largest surplus in history. What happened to the doomsday predictions about the tax cut?

The Democrats have responded to this in their normal, predictable manner: with derision and more “hate Trump. They are still, in the face of all the good economic data, bleating that the tax cuts are bad for us. They are, in fact, bad for old-time Democrats because they work and make their November prospects look ever bleaker. They even said bringing home the hostages was bad. Nancy Pelosi says that if the Democrats take over the House, the first thing they will do is eliminate the tax cuts. There is a sure election loser. They are still trying to manufacture “Russian collusion.” Hillary has just come up with the 573rd reason she lost the election. No wonder the “New Democrats” are looking more like Republicans.

After the March special election in the 18th Congressional District and a couple other elections around the country, the Democrats were gleefully predicting a “blue wave” in November. They were, they said, going to sweep the House and the Senate.

Right now, that blue wave is looking more like a ripple, and maybe not even that. The Republicans have a strong message on economy, jobs, security and immigration. This is reaching working American people of both parties. It is reaching blacks and Hispanics. Many traditionally Democratic constituencies now have the courage to openly ask what the Democrats have and are doing for them. Races once thought leaning Democrat are either toss-ups or even leaning Republican.

What we are seeing at the polls is exactly what we have talked about before: People don’t care about the noise, the social issues, the Russian witch hunts, the breathless “exposes.” They care about jobs, the economy, security and their families. They care about what Republicans are talking about. The old-time Democrats have no message. Identity politics is not a message. Hate politics is not a message. Victim politics is not a message.

Trump has a message and delivers on it. He has and is delivering jobs, a strong economy, a secure nation and secure families. Making America Great Again is what Americans want.

Dave Ball is vice chairman of the Washington County Republican Party and a Peters Township councilman.

This article provided by NewsEdge.