Not what we
 stand for

As I write this, I am listening to the recently broadcast audio file of children’s voices who have been separated from their parents. It is heart breaking, and is a moment that we as Americans need to respond to.

I have been an independent voter, and it is irrelevant to the issue. I am not a Democrat or a Republican, I am an American, and one who is embarrassed to be called an American with what is going on with the separation of children and their parents.

Those in charge are hard at work trying to respond and defend the actions taking place. There is the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Here is another definition: “Defending a defenseless position.”

There are so many things wrong with what is happening at our southern borders, and please spare me the response of all the immigration laws and procedures, and how screwed up they are, or this party or the other is to blame.

If we call ourselves an American, honoring our heritage and history, it is time to stand up and let those know who are in charge to stop it now. Then, and only then after the policy has stopped, can we have both sides of our political landscape come together and work on a solution.

Our flag, the national symbol of who we are, should be flown upside down, which I understand to be a sign of distress and emergency. Let our elected leaders of both political parties know the separation of children and parents is not what we as Americans stand for.

John Rousch


Who is lacking morals?

Now, I’m sure that all you people know there is no official Presidential Trump policy saying that every illegal family entering the U.S. has to be separated.

A 1997 court settlement, agreed to by the U.S. government in a case that remains in effect today, requires the government to release children from immigration detention without unnecessary delay in order of preference, parents, other adult relatives or licensed programs willing to accept custody. If children cannot be released, it requires the government to hold them in the “least restrictive” setting available.

Then in 2008 President George W. Bush focused on the problem of minors crossing the border without their parents and signed a law unanimously passed by Congress that called for such “unaccompanied minors” to be released into the “least restrictive setting.” At one point the Border Patrol even tried housing the families in special detention centers until 2014 when a federal judge in California ruled the arrangement violated a long-standing agreement barring kids from jail-like settings, even with their parents, so they began releasing families in to the U.S. pending notification of their next court date, which only 20 percent showed up to, and started the process of closing the centers down. That’s where we are today.

So please don’t believe the fake news when it gets melodramatic by claiming the children are being torn from their parents’ arms as if the term “separated“ would not be more accurate. All this manufactured display of outrage from Dummycrats [sic], fake news outlets, Laura Bush, liberals, Progressives, RINO’S, religious groups, and other do-gooders should be directed at the parents of these children not Border Patrol agents or administration officials, as they knew full well the results of their action by crossing the border illegally, and still chose to exercise it. So who’s lacking morals?

Perhaps we should violate the law just as they did and send the children along with their parents to be placed in detention centers (vacant big box stores, tents, empty warehouses, used FEMA trailers or cargo containers ) under the command of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arapio until their hearing. Some say that the separation is cruel and un-American, but I reckon that’s just to draw sympathy, and distaste towards Republicans for the mid-term elections. That’s what I think..

Jerry Wright

Avon Park

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