No Transparency No Interest

Even though it is October, the Swamp is steaming.

Politics over everything in the House.

Aligned Media is the House.

The voting majority of democrats, independents, and republicans have had enough of political posturing and want Congress to get on with the People’s Business. USMCA, Health Care Reform, and infrastructure.

The voting majority is savvy enough to recognize impeachment efforts are without foundation. There is no Greater Good to be served.

Here are some interesting headlines the Aligned Media must have forgotten to write i) No ‘Flight to Quality’ as U.S. leaves Syria.  ii) Oil prices do not spike as U.S. leaves Syria. iii) U.K. Parliament remains committed to sabotaging Brexit as U.S. leaves Syria.

Julian Assange looks very much alive and well as he starts packing for his trip to the U.S.

AG Barr conducts himself with steady resolve.

Federal Prosecutor Durham remains active and energized.

The Smart Money is waiting on AG Barr to deliver the transparency promised through release of IG Horowitz’s FISA Report and the events it is expected to trigger. I’m guessing Huber is getting tired of waiting back stage.

Until then the markets aren’t going anywhere.

Even when the Fed cuts again in December.

However, when transparency comes, the Smart Money will get what it needs to take intelligent risk, the driver of sustainable growth.

Once the dust settles look for the markets to move sharply higher.