NFL Veteran & Entrepreneur Jarvis Green Talks Grooming & Style with MENAJI, Reveals Keys to Confidence and Success as He Kicks Off New Venture

Recently MENAJI had the privilege of sitting down with businessman and NFL Veteran Jarvis Green to hear what makes him tick. With an eye towards success, grooming has always been an integral part of the equation. During our interview with this talented athlete/businessman, we learned about his grooming challenges and what works for him given his busy lifestyle. In short, staying connected to family and friends, giving back to his community and continually educating himself remain the keys to his success, while maintaining his healthy body and skin have always been one to his keys to confidence.

Recently trading in his New England Patriots jersey for a suit and chef’s hat, Green now owns the shrimp company, Oceans 97. It is in this role that we discussed why healthy skincare is so important to him as he kicks off this new venture and returns again to the national spotlight.

Curiosity for Life and a Love of Learning

With a constant curiosity, Jarvis Green’s career has been multifaceted but always focused on learning. Upon graduating from Donaldsonville High School in Louisiana in 1997, he was recruited by LSU where he became a standout defensive lineman on the Tigers. However, business was always on his mind and, while he played college football, he also completed his degree in Construction Engineering. When the New England Patriots drafted Green in the fourth round of the 2002 NFL Draft, he became an integral member of the team’s defense and played in both Super Bowl XXXVIII and XXXIX Championships.

While starring in the NFL, Green kept one foot in the business world. He owned a restaurant in his hometown and held multiple internships in the New England area focusing on hotel and restaurant business management. Following his retirement from the NFL in 2010, Green became involved with the shrimp industry on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. In 2015, Green started Oceans 97 and recently launched his new food company nationwide during the Dallas NFL Draft event in April.

In addition to Oceans 97, Green also runs the Jarvis Green Foundation, which he launched in 2006. The foundation, which has numerous partners in New England, focuses on children and teaching them how to have an overall healthy lifestyle, including what they eat, as well as providing resources to single mothers who have been affected by natural disasters.

How does a man who has made the shift from pro football to the business world, handle his style and grooming? With a lot of help from his family and friends, by constantly giving back to his community and learning and educating himself…and using MENAJI products of course.

While his years in the NFL have taken a toll on his skin, he credits his clean shave and healthy skin to our Clear Shave gel, along with our Face & Body Scrub – which he says exfoliates his oily skin after a long day sweating under hot lights or in the kitchen. “Just like during my days in the NFL when I wore a helmet, my skin can get bumps and rashes. I am so thankful for products that are gentle and non-drying yet tough on oil and prevent razor bumps.” For days on the road and in front of the camera, he also relies on his 911 Eye Gel and CAMO concealer. “There are days when I don’t enough sleep, so I need a little bit of help to cover under eye circles and get rid of puffiness. The eye gel provides a quick fix, and the CAMO is the only product I found that works with my skin tone, doesn’t flake, and lasts all day. There is nothing else like it out there.”

For almost 20 years, MENAJI has developed problem-solving innovative products to help men with their daily grooming routine. “Professional men’s lives are multifaceted. From active in sports to being on social media or in the boardroom, they want to look good and yes, look even younger as they age. We aim to simplify their grooming routine so as to protect their most valuable asset: the face,” says MENAJI President Pamela Viglielmo. “From addressing simple shaving issues to eliminating facial shine by controlling oil, to covering blemishes and removing fine lines, we’re thrilled to bring to men problem solving products for those with multiple shades and skincare needs.”


This article provided by NewsEdge.