The All New Market Analysis

SPX Monitoring purposes; Long on 1/23/18 & 2839.13.
Monitoring purposes GOLD: Neutral.
Long Term Trend monitor purposes: Neutral.

Today the TRIN closed at 1.18 and the Ticks closed at -306 which is a bullish combination.  On 1/23 the TRIN closed at 1.50 and on 1/24 the Ticks closed at -647 and also a bullish combination which also was triggered near price wise the current TRIN and Tick closes, and adds to the bullish setup.   Don’t believe the rally is done as implied by the bullish TRIN and Ticks readings.  SOTU tonight and Full Moon and FOMC meeting tomorrow could be affecting market volatility.   Long on 1/23/18 & 2839.13.

There is a bullish study in play and active which is, “When January is up 11 of the last 14 days the next 9 days are up 93% of the time.  The chart above is the VIX with its Bollinger bands.  When the VIX penetrates its upper Bollinger band than that shows short term extremes and market is usually near a short term low.  We have pointed out those instances with blue arrows. There is a Full moon tomorrow (1/31/18); which is also when the FOMC meeting announces which can have an effect on the markets. Today the TRIN closed at 1.18 and the Ticks closed at -306 which is a short term bullish combination and predicts a low will form the day of the readings to as late as two days later.  Doesn’t appear final high is in; expecting another rally.  Long on 1/23/18 & 2839.13.

Both Up Down Volume and Advance/Decline indicators (bottom two windows) are below “0” and in bearish territory.  It’s a bullish sign for both gold and gold stocks when GDX/GLD ratio is outperforming GDX and bearish when GDX is outperforming GDX/GLD ratio.  Today GDX/GLD ratio tested its early January low and GDX remain far above its January low showing GDX/GLD ratio is much weaker than GDX and a Bearish sign for Gold and Gold stocks near term.  First support on GDX is 23.00 range and next support lower is the December low near 21.00 range.  Full moon has had an affect on Gold and Gold stocks and the (Full, Blue and Blood moon) is tomorrow.  Short term trend is down and will be patience for now.