New business hopes to Adorn homes with gifts, more

By Ripon Commonwealth Press

Years ago, Stacey Mathison owned a business in Minnesota selling items such as repurposed furniture.

But when her family relocated to Ripon 10 years ago, she had to sell her shop.

The business survived. So did her desire to run a downtown store.

As of earlier this month, it became a dream realized once more.

Mathison opened Adorn earlier this month at 202 Watson St., where she offers a variety of products, ranging from Melissa & Doug children’s toys to candles to women’s clothing to Christian gift cards.

“I just want people to come in and have fun and enjoy their time in here. Come in and see things that maybe they haven’t seen in a while,” Mathison said, explaining she envisions it as “a light-hearted variety store with an affordable, unique, fun atmosphere that’s meant to bring a smile.”

She believes Adorn is a shop “where people could come in and buy gifts for anyone, whether it be cards and unique items. I always liked that when I shopped, so I thought I would like to provide that here.”

It’s a business plan she’s been toying with for some time.

“I always knew what I wanted to do,” she said, noting that the idea coalesced early this year. “I saw the building came open, and just right away I knew.

“Look at it. It’s just fantastic. And I love the downtown. The energy here is amazing. The people are amazing.”

But how does one fill a variety store? Mathison has a simple formula: choose the items that speak to her.

“I like unique, and I want to bring that to other people,” she said. “Everything in here is my favorite. I hope others can appreciate that.”

So far, they have, Mathison said. “They love the variety.”

Those items include gifts for everyone in the family, pets included.

Merchandise is priced affordably, she added.

“I want the locals to shop here,” she said. “… That’s kind of a passion. My prices are very affordable.”

Since opening her doors July 5, Mathison has felt plenty of love from her downtown neighbors.

“Everybody’s been so welcoming,” she said. “The guy from Watson Tea – he came down and brings me cookies; my landlord brings me flowers.”

Simply put, Mathison is thankful for her chance to once again run a downtown store.

“I just really felt like the Lord was [guiding me to] do this. I needed to be out there,” she said, noting that she created the store to help spread joy. “‘Adorn’ is to ‘make beautiful.’ I love the idea of bringing joy to others. In everything I do, I want to magnify the goodness that God has shown me to others. So my hope is that, in some small way, I am able to do that.”

Adorn is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Come on in and feel welcome and have fun and hopefully find something that makes somebody happy,” Mathison said.

This article provided by NewsEdge.