New Business ‘Chances R’ To Open In 2019

By By Jean Ann Miller, Canton Daily Ledger, Ill.

Many might have noticed the activity happening around a new establishment called Chances R, 421 N. Chicago St., in the former Zero Tolerance business and wondered what was happening inside.

After the New Year Mandy Demling, of Atlanta, along with her parents Butch and DeeAnn Demling, of McLean, are hoping the place will be full of people wanting to grab some comfort food and a drink.

The patriarch Demling said his motivation was simple.

“I’ve always wanted to own a bar,” said Butch Demling with a twinkle in his eye.

“Someplace where people can go and feel comfortable during their off time,” he continued.

His daughter Mandy, who has spent many years in the service industry, said the family goal is to offer customers food that will keep them coming back for more.

“We will have the basic bar food but add specials for lunch and dinner. You know like beef and noodles and homemade soups,” said Mandy with a smile

Mandy, who once worked for the popular west side CJ’s restaurant in Bloomington, said they have made many updates inside the building.

“Lots of stuff needed to be updated so we are continuing to work on getting everything fixed. We hope to open after the first of the year,” said Mandy.

Her sister Marci Seeman, who is married to Kent Seeman, who runs Illinois Valley Construction in McLean, offered a hand in bringing the needed changes.

Butch said he remembers stopping at Mr. Lucky’s, formerly owned by Harold and Elaine Harris, and enjoyed the conversation he had with other patrons.

“I want this place to be for all walks of life. I want everyone to feel welcome,” said Butch.

The new name of the sports bar and grill is a reminder of a place where the Demling family had fun and shared a great memory.

“We went to a place in the Ozarks called the same name and really had a good time there. We all liked the name and decided it would work here,” said Mandy.

According to Mandy the bar will accommodate up to 40 people eating inside and will also have a beer garden, with heated floors, for those who enjoy being outside.

She anticipates getting staff in place later in the month and hopes to have everything in working order right after Christmas.

“I’ve placed my first food order this week so, it’s all coming together,” smiled Mandy.

“It was always a dream to do this.”

This article provided by NewsEdge.