Negative Storm Surge

Negative Storm Surge sucks the ocean 100’s of yards out from shore to reveal debris and thoughtlessness.

The IG Report and Congressional Testimony have triggered a negative storm surge revealing the true intentions of elected officials, especially those in leadership positions and the distortions the Aligned Media crafts to support them.

How do you reconcile:

  • Outrage for conditions at the U.S. Southern Border with disdain for legislative (Senator Cruz) and Executive Order remedies.
  • More concern for the welfare of illegal immigrants than for U.S. Citizens and their communities who suffer lower wages, degrading education, stressed health care resources, and significant increase in crime as a consequence.
  • Demands for more funding for education and health care with resistance for Voter Reform that would significantly reduce the cost of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, welfare fraud, burdens on school and health systems, crime and incarceration costs associated with illegal immigration, and improve effectiveness of identifying and removing criminals.
  • Criticism of efforts to achieve fairer trade agreements with the Oath of Office pledging to protect and uphold the U.S. Constitution; act in the best interests of U.S. Citizens.
  • Ridicule of practical efforts (Big Stick and economic sanctions) to achieve verifiable denuclearization with endorsement of billions of $ and senseless accommodations to achieve unverifiable denuclearization.
  • Invoking God and the Bible while defending and funding the slaughter of defenseless lives threatening no-one from the womb.
  • The promise to do away with tax cuts with the significant economic benefits they have created for the lower and middle class.


  • One political party is committed to increasing burdens on Citizens whose welfare is at the greatest risk while the other is committed to improving their security, opportunities for economic gain, quality of education, and healthcare.
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has sided with the political party committed to increasing burdens on the Citizens at the greatest risk.
  • The Aligned Media is derelict in its duty to promote / support honest debate required to create the transparency necessary to craft and execute solutions.

Identify who is offering practical solutions, and who is engaging in personal attacks instead of honest debate, and you will know the truth. The Smart Money knows the truth. They are patiently waiting for its power to be unleashed.

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