Muslims are not terrorists

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of readers towards a very serious issue i.e. terrorism. Everywhere in the world especially in European countries, their perception is that Muslims are terrorists, {actually} they truly are the victim of Islamophobia. If we see globally, Muslims are becoming victims of terrorism, whether it is Pakistan, Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and other Muslim states.

Here, I would like to talk about Sabika Sheikh, the 17-year-old Pakistani student who was killed in Texas school shooting on 18th May 2018. The most touching part of the story is that she was only days to come back to Pakistan where her parents and other family members were eagerly waiting for her arrival.

Whenever we Pakistanis go abroad especially in the US we and our passports are strictly checked and our luggage also goes through strict scrutiny. People also gaze at us with doubtful eyes, if God forbid, we have done something wrong to them. Here my point is when they blame others as terrorist countries or states, what will they say about their country and states?

The murderer was not a Pakistani, he did not belong to any Muslim State and even he was not a Muslim. I am wondering what happened to their security checks, why didn’t they work? Where were their security personnel? Or this could be a possibility that they did not have any security in their school. This is security lapse for their state. How this is possible that a student has brought weapons and guns with him and no one knew his intentions, in a country of security alerts.

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