Musk Melts Down, Emerging Markets Emerge

Global Equites melted up, gaining over 2.5% on average this week led by Emerging Markets. Norway’s highly respected $ 1 trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund is dumping Emerging Market bonds and moving into Emerging Market equities. This should be considered a smart move by smart fund managers.

US Equities were handed a nice surprise on Friday as March showed good employment growth. On the flip side, wages stagnated for those that are employed. The takeaway, its great if you need a job, not so good if you already have one. The trend of income disparity continues to hit or exceed levels not seen since before the Great Depression.

This of course leads into Ray Dalio’s recent musing that capitalism has run amuck and needs a fix, or else heads will roll. One potential outcome is that Hedge Funds Managers and other assorted billionaires will end up like Marie Antoinette.

Speaking of billionaires, Musk Melted down again, (maybe he needs some weed to mellow out) accused of hitting an employee that resigned. He was waving his final goodbye to his co-workers when confronted by Musk.

The pressure is on, as TSLAWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up cratered earlier in the week on slowing sales numbers but bounced on long term support. (see how to play TSLAWealth Strength IndexAAPL is Extremely Up and trending Up next week in this week’s Real Motion training video).

This week’s highlights are:

  • Risk Gauges continued its positive momentum and are currently 100% bullish
  • Emerging Markets and Growth stocks continue their leadership positions
  • Mid- Caps (MDY) broke out as expected and cleared its 200 DMA
  • Semi-Conductors and Biotech (speculative sectors) out-performed safety plays such as Utilities
  • Daily chart patterns are bullish for all global equites dragging Weekly Momentum into marginally positive territory
  • The Energy sector turned strongly positive with Solar (TAN) leading up over 7% on the week