Musk-et Shot

Not quite outdoing President Trump, Elon Musk took on the media/ financial press when he refused to answer some questions during a conference call and then vowed to bury the shorts. But even Musk’s meltdown this week failed to tank Tesla, although the stock remains under pressure

Equity markets once again shrugged off national discord and recovered on Friday with a little help from Apple’ s blow-out earnings, taking the stock to new all-time highs. Even Facebook has been able to shrug off negative publicity, holding its levels since announcing excellent earning last week.

The key equity benchmark, the S &P 500 closed basically flat -.24% for the week, while the NASDQ 100 was up almost +1.72%.  The big classic pattern playing out in the NASDQ is either a nice size bearish head and shoulders top or a bullish wedge forming on the weekly S&P 500. Regardless, the landscape is shifting and here are the highlights.

  • Emerging market are faltering and will soon be testing long term support (check out this premium video for where new leadership is coming from) The new leadership in equities is setting up nicely for a low risk trade
  • Semi’s held the 200 DMA this week
  • Growth stocks are on all time highs versus value
  • FANG + AAPL are stabilizing and looking better
  • Small Caps (IWM) are setting up for breakout to the upside
  • Market Internals improved, but volume patterns are concerning
  • Soft commodities are at an important inflection point on weekly charts