How to Minimize the Cost of Bias

What are you doing to maintain your objectivity so you can take in, comprehend, and project information without bias?

Go back to November 9th, 2016; the day after Trump was elected. Who do you think has earned the highest returns since then? Folks who objectively distilled his campaign arguments and actions once in Office, or those who did not make the effort to look past the talking points fitting their political identity?

Opinion blocks us from developing a more complete understanding for what we believe we already know. Opinion kills curiosity and represses our ability to evolve to higher levels of awareness.
Conviction is the product of trust earned by taking advantage of the opportunity to gain a deeper level of understanding. The nuggets connecting the dots, and leading to Ah-Ha Moments are revealed. Conviction is earned and rewards us with the awareness and strength needed to take intelligent risk.

Think about the professionals you have the greatest respect for, and how they react when you object or disagree with them. Genuine professionals quietly meet your eyes as they take an internal inventory to identify a misstatement or poor wording on their part creating confusion. Next they engage by asking you to help them understand the disconnection. Then they genuinely work through your points with you. Recognizing it as an opportunity to gain deeper understanding; and strengthen a relationship.

Genuine professionals do not shut down an objection or disagreement by saying, “You wouldn’t understand. It doesn’t concern you. It’s already been decided. Or let’s talk about it later.” Nor will they personally attack you. Unfortunately fighting for political points, not honest debate is played out by commentators, panelists, hosts, and their guests over and over again in the media.

To borrow a phrase from John Kennedy, Creator of Combat Brain Training, you can begin to minimize the risk for bias by “Breaking it down and thinking it through!” Take the time to look past what you are familiar and comfortable believing to validate it again. What do you believe? Why? What are the tangibles validating your position? How does the outcome improve or corrupt the Human Condition?

Imagine the potential benefits of consistently gaining new perspective; connecting more dots; and experiencing Ah-Ha Moments more frequently. Genuine professionals are attracted to those who have made their creativity, openness, and honesty highly transparent. They will not waste their time on the opinionated who have no interest in honest debate.

So if you want to create the Dynamics of Success by eliminating distraction and conflict, while causing knowledge and information to transfer and flow to you, then minimize your risk for bias.