Mid-Year Report: 2019

The first half of 2019 can be summed up by opposing elements; Dark and Light. The good news is we are moving towards the Light faster and faster.

Probability for trade agreement with China is high. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin reported this week that 90% has been completed. China went back on its word once. Events in Hong Kong have further exposed their efforts to deceive, manipulate, and exploit. Breaking its word a second time on the International Stage would make China a pariah.

The Fed is poised to cut in July, and start repairing the damage it did by raising last September, and again in December, imposing unjustified rate hikes.

U.K. and Italy are leading the charge for freedom in the EU; with the Yellow Vests in France sprinting to catch up. Independence means more targeted trade agreements. Greater sensitivity for competitiveness. Together they create high transparency inspiring and compelling intelligent risk; the essential ingredient for sustainable growth.

Mexico is aggressively changing its behavior by cutting off the path for illegals to violate the U.S. Border. They now understand supporting laws protecting the Greater Good is a way better choice than working against them.

Over the last 48 hours the Senate and House demonstrated the capacity to act in a bipartisan way by agreeing to Border Aid funding.

Optimism and common sense have me believing North Korea and Iran will soon chose Peace and Prosperity over a Nuclear Winter; and quickly begin to experience a much better life.

Guilty verdict, on all counts by the jury against NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere, continued success by the DOJ as it aggressively prosecutes pedophiles and child sex offenders; and consistent exposure of Cardinals in the Catholic Church as sexual predators, pedophiles, and co-conspirators covering up unspeakable acts of corrupt priests are all compelling evidence of Dark to Light.

Darkness is highlighted by exposure of False Narratives designed to disorientate, confuse, and overwhelm the public so we can be deceived, manipulated, and controlled for political gain. Powerful examples have fallen apart i) the Boarder Crisis is manufactured ii) Russian Collusion and iii) tariffs are bad policy.

Aggressive actions taken to protect and promote unspeakable acts done to the innocent and defenseless, both in and now out of the womb, are tragic and Darkest of all. Over the last 2 evenings this evil has been embraced and celebrated on the national stage. I struggle for words to communicate how immoral the aggression against life is; and pray the groundswell of young adults who recognize and inspire their peers to turn away grows.   My hope is promotion of and support for adoption will push abortion off the stage once and for all.

Momentum is building towards the Light. Do not let False Narratives tell you different. Turn your face to it. Feel its warmth. Bask in its protection. Share the Joy by leading others to it.