Microsoft is very intriguing at the current price point. Now I understand buying $MSFT isn’t earth shattering by any means, but I want to make a case for the stock. Now with cloud based companies basically getting destroyed over the last few sessions, $MSFT has held up enough that it still fits the parameters for a buy signal.

The stock still has yet to cross over it’s most recent swing low and is actually finding support at the 20 period SMA. With a small gap fill and congestion range (old double top highs) just under the current price, it also has layers of potential support in play. I think the upside play is in order if these levels remain under the current stock price. I am speculating it will go up and retest the recent highs if not extend on those levels.

Of course it will be dependent of how the markets perform, but if a rally comes into play this week, look for $MSFT to rally strong.