Mickey Mouse Bounce

A name closely watched lately has been Disney. I have been playing the name over the last couple of months to a small degree of success. I have high hopes for the upside in the near and long term. While they basically burned a massive pile of cash in acquiring the ABC network at a massive premium. Same could be said for their recent acquisition of Fox. They also acquired the Hulu stake from Comcast and that is why you should be very bullish on Disney’s future. Streaming will be everything going forward. We are currently seeing the death of radio and we are slowly seeing the death of television. Now neither will go away and become extinct anytime soon. But we are seeing ad revenue drop sharply for both tv and radio. We are seeing a huge increase in ad revenue for online content. From Facebook to Twitter to Google, these companies are dominating the ad space. So people are focusing less on live television and radio, and more time on smartphones and tablets. DIS has positioned themselves to take full advantage of this transition. On top of their brand power, they also are a huge media conglomerate now. This is where they can’t take their next big leap. It will be in streaming. That is the future. I love DIS for the near and long term. Keep a close eye on this name.