Market Sell-off = Betrayal

List of Betrayals:

  • Weaponizing of IRS, DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, Fed, and ODNI for political gain.
  • Dismantling of military leadership 2012-2013.
  • Election Fraud to be revealed in great detail in 2019. Department of Homeland Security releases initial findings today.
  • DNC election fraud against their own presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders.
  • Coordination between the aligned media and DNC, FBI, DOJ, and CIA to develop, promote, and prop up false narrative of Russian Collusion, and consistent misleading reporting of Trump domestic and foreign policy.
  • Facebook, Google (YouTube), Twitter, Apple, Amazon trampling on 1st Amendment (Free Speech), and 4th Amendment (Privacy) Rights.
  • K. Prime Minister May defrauding British Citizens by negotiating a Brexit Agreement as an advocate for the EU instead of placing their best interest / well-being first.
  • French President Macron championing Globalist (EU) interest over the best interest of the French working class.
  • H-1B visas displacing U.S. engineers and technical experts with low cost foreign labor.
  • House Members and Senators prioritizing interests of illegal immigrants over vulnerable U.S. Citizens and those seeking to legally immigrate to the U.S.

Capitalism is the monetization of trust.  Declassification (IG Horowitz June 2018 Report, FISA Warrants, FBI Interviews and txt messages) will be the first big step towards restoring it.  The next will be announcement of indictments, arrests, trials, sentencing, and incarceration.

Please note control of the House of Representatives shifting from Republican to Democrat control will not cause the repeal of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Cannot reverse the regulatory claw back of unproven and destructive regulations by the Trump Administration. Will not reverse the progress made toward fairer trade. Will not change foreign policy demanding more responsibility from allies and accountability from adversaries. Will not weaken efforts to enforce immigration laws and secure borders.

The technical genius, work ethic, resources, infrastructure, natural resources, laws, enforcement capabilities (courts and prisons), and military capability continues to strengthen despite market downturn. Long-term U.S. strength is underpinned as domestic and international betrayal is exposed.

Bullets need to be dug out to eliminate the risk of infection and death. Bite down hard. The healing will come. Good has evil on the run. Need proof? Take the time to understand what is really happening in the U.K., France, Belgium, Italy, and the Vatican.