Make the Most out of Retirement by Divorcing the IRS

Andy Guzy of Guzy Financial Services, Inc. is an Illinois-based financial planning firm that is known for its comprehensive retirement planning and innovative financial solutions. Its founder Andy Guzy wants to teach others how to make the most of their retirement by divorcing the IRS.

By Zoey Thompson

Chicago, Il – It is no secret that most Americans enter their retirement years without enough financial resources to provide for their needs. The reasons for this include an increased lifespan, rising medical costs, rising inflation rates, and taxes. What many people do not realize is that taxes are the chief culprit when it comes to reducing retirement savings. Respected financial planner Andy Guzy uses a variety of techniques to prepare his clients for an easy retirement but always keeps taxes in mind when developing a strategy. He says that most of his clients have done their best to prepare and save, but without a clear approach to dealing with the IRS all their efforts may be wasted.

“It’s not what you can save,” says Guzy, “It’s what you can keep that matters. That is why my firm focuses on tax-free retirement planning. Our goal is to ensure that our clients pay what they are legally obligated to pay but not one cent more. A zero percent tax bracket is what we’re after.”

Guzy is an evangelist for the “Zero Percent Tax Bracket”, holding seminars and classes to help people understand what they are up against in retirement and how to reduce their taxable income so that they can have an easy landing into retirement. As an independent firm, they are able to offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners that include retirement income strategies, wealth accumulation, asset protection, annuities and life insurance.

Quality of life is important to everyone. Parents don’t want their children to have to care for them in old age. Retirees want to live independently and enjoy the fruits of all those years of labor. By creating a comprehensive package that maximizes investments, stabilizes savings, and reduces taxes Guzy’s clients are able to sail into retirement. His strategies for retirement are available to everyone through the classes and seminars that he teaches in the Chicago area. Currently, they are offering monthly seminars at Gibson Steak House. Those interested in attending the seminars or learning more about how to retain their wealth in retirement may contact the firm through their website.

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