Make Money by Not Losing It, Says Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Finance & Insurance LLC is a Missouri-based wealth management and financial advisory firm. Their approach to financial planning incorporates both growth and safe strategies in order to provide a means for their clients to land safely into retirement.

By Zoey Thompson

St. Louis, MO – The statistics on retirement planning for the last decade have not been good. More Americans enter their retirement years completely unprepared. In order to overcome many of the common challenges of retirement, many financial planning firms have attempted to adopt less risky investments for their clients. However, there is a new crop of fiduciary representatives that believe that investment choices cannot be the sole focus of retirement planning. Respected wealth management and financial planning firm, Safe Harbor Finance & Insurance believes that while growth is important, one of the most important financial goals for retirement is keeping the money set aside for it.

“Financial ups and downs will always be a part of any country’s economic landscape. You need to accept them and plan for them,” says Safe Harbor CEO Greg Belger, “Big returns on investment are nice, but it isn’t the focus of what we do at Safe Harbor. Experience has taught us that making money is easier than keeping the money. That is why our focus is on developing strategies that allow our clients to not only earn but legally keep as much of that money as possible.”

The firm offers a wide range of products for their clients that they believe will help them to establish a safe and comfortable plan for the future. They offer safety-based products, insurance products, wealth management plans, and estate planning guidance. The firm has 9 month, as well as, 5 & 10-year products that they say will help create the financial bedrock for their clients. In addition to the various products they can offer the public, the company holds free seminars that they hope will allow people to truly understand what the retirement picture will look like. They talk on topics like taxes, trusts, and other areas where most families need help with.

“We assist our clients with meeting their financial and lifestyle goals, whatever they may be,” says Belger. “Along the way, we provide education and guidance so that the decisions they make are all from a place of knowledge and safety. This industry is one where people forget their fiduciary responsibility-something we take seriously. We will always put our client’s first because that is what we are entrusted to do.”

The goal of Safe Harbor is to develop retirement strategies that individuals and families feel confident with so that they don’t have to be concerned about their future. They can relax and know that it is all taken care of. For information about retirement strategies that will work for you, visit their website.

This article provided by NewsEdge.